Community Benches

At one time Lochgelly had public benches scattered throughout the town, nowadays, apart from benches on the outskirt of the town, the majority of benches are centralised at the Lochgelly Cross. With Lochgelly built on the slope of a hill, we want to work towards installing community benches scattered throughout the town which will mostly benefit elderly and disabled residents, and provide the wider community with appropriate resting areas at key locations in the town.

Areas Identified

Our volunteers will be walking through the town to identify possible areas for Community Benches, we will also be seeking feedback from local residents to nominate any areas that they think would be suited for a Community Bench.

Currently we have identified the following areas for Community Benches:

  • Stationhead Road at ‘The Chains’
  • Outside Macari’s Cafe (across from Lochgelly Centre)
  • Entrance to the Town Hall
  • Moffat Crescent opposite the Fire Station
  • Top of Hamilton Street on the Watters Crescent side
  • Halfway up Hamilton Street, at the crossroads between Andrew Street and Hamilton Street
  • Corner of Watters Crescent opposite of the corner shop
  • Bottom of Well Road next to the Old Well

We shall be capturing images of the identified areas, and areas nominated by residents. Once we have collected all this data, we will form small basic plans with regards to layouts and conduct feasibility studies, land ownership information, etc. and work towards securing Community Benches for the local area.


Two reasons that have been given in the past for the removal of our public benches, is the reduction of anti-social behaviour as it encourages groups to congregate, and theft.

Regarding anti-social behaviour, this is a problem all towns face and the wider residents of the town should not be punished by a minority. Additionally if there was proper resources and facilities for youths, anti-social behavioural problems would be reduced.

We personally feel that any anti-social behaviour due to groups congregating at any Community Bench location can be resolved and will only be a minor issue, if an issue at all.

Regarding thefts of Public Benches, this has mostly occurred with benching that has had a high retail value in scrap metal and has not been properly secured to the ground. We will not be opting for expensive steel benches, we will be seeking practical, sturdy, low maintenance benches that use recycled plastic materials.

The benches we are seeking will have zero scrap value, will be low cost and maintenance, so any potential case of theft will be minimised apart from the most extreme of cases.

Technical Specifications

The current bench type that we have identified is a ‘Wheatley Hill Recycled Plastic Seat’.

Community Bench

This will cost £460.00 per bench and additional costs will be added for delivery and installation charges. The bench material is Recycled Plastic and we are opting for the colour finish to be Brown.

  • Weight (kg) – 115
  • Slats – 5
  • Seat Height (mm) – 450
  • Depth (mm) – 550
  • Length (mm) – 2000
  • Root Depth (mm) – 400

Please note that due to funding limitations, planning requirements, etc. that this project will be rolled out, step-by-step, and not completed in one go. We will be conducting this project, one area at a time, and will be treating the project as a Medium to Long Term goal.

We are keen to hear your feedback, do you support or object to this project? Do you wish to nominate an area? Whatever your feedback, please leave us a comment below, or if you want to keep your message private, please contact us.

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