Below we have provided some answers to Frequently Asked Questions. This page will continue to be updated to provide a valuable resource on how to use our site, how to get in touch for account issues, covering local events, etc. If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments below.

Creating an Account

Anyone can register an account and begin contributing their news, views and interests. Any new account is automatically given a ‘Contributor’ account which has certain restrictions when creating new articles. More details can be found on ‘Account Permissions’.

Submitting Content and Press Releases

If you are a member of a group, organisation, etc. and would like to share your news without creating an account, we are quite happy to receive press releases which we will post on your behalf.

To submit a press release for inclusion into the site, please email: or telephone 01592 782 150

Event Coverage

If you have an event that you feel our users would be interested in, please contact us and we can try and arrange for a volunteer to attend and cover your event, including capturing images and video from the day which will then be shared with our visitors, users, with copies provided to your organisation.

Editing Profile

If you are planning to creat articles, you may wish to let readers now a bit about you. For every article created, your personal bio and social links will automatically be added to the end of your article.

To edit your profile, Login, and on the top right hand corner hover over your username, from the drop down menu, select ‘Edit my Profile’

Edit My Profile - Screenshot

You can create a nickname to be used on the site, upload an image for yourself, display your personal bio, change your password, and include links to your website and any other Social Media sites you wish to promote.

Creating an Avatar

You can use an image for your Avatar by uploading via the Edit My Profile link. For best results you should upload an image that has a small file size that is 250 pixels wide by 250 pixels in height. You will be given the opportunity to crop your image to fit.

You can also use the 3rd party service Gravatar that will allow you to upload an avatar that is associated with an email address. Whenever you leave a comment on other websites with your Gravater registered email address, your avatar will automatically be displayed.

Account Permissions - Contributor

All accounts are allowed to post new articles. When you first register, you will be given a contributor account. The contributor account can add new articles but they cannot upload images, video or audio. All articles created will need approved by one of our volunteers. Author accounts have these restrictions removed.

Author Accounts

Regular contributors to the site will have their accounts upgraded to Author status which removes certain restrictions and allows more freedom for when creating articles, by giving the Authhor the ability to use our images, videos, or adding their own images. Author accounts are only awarded to those that contribute on a regular basis, or if they have previous experience in using WordPress software, or if they are part of an organisation that operate in the Central Fife area on a not-for-profit basis.

Deleting An Account

WordPress does not allow the deletion of accounts. If you wish your account to be deleted and all content associated with it, please contact requesting your account to be deleted. The request must be received from the email address registered on this site. Please note that once an account has been deleted, it cannot be recovered.

Banned Accounts

From time to time it has been necessary to ban accounts. Fortunately the only accounts we have banned on this website has been spammers. We do reserve the right to ban accounts for any user that is disrupting the service we provide, or ban accounts if the user is creating issues for our other visitors and users.

Lost Passwords

If you have lost your password, you can request a password change by visiting Lost Your Password and providing your Username or Email. Once submitted a link will be sent to your registered email address with instructions on how to reset your password.

Your Copyrights

Any content you share is automatically copyrighted to yourself. However, we operate this website on a Creative Commons Licence, allowing all content to be used for personal and non-profit usage, and we hope you will consider using the same licence for your content

Article Moderation

Most accounts start as a Contributor which have certain restrictions, including requiring approval before your article appears live on the site.

We will not publish articles that are promoting any type of discrimination (hate speech, rascism, etc.), contains links to external sites that are deemed malicious (hate sites, infected websites, scams, phishing, etc.), articles that are clearly spam, and we will not publish content that is deemed libellous. We reserve the right at our sole discretion to reject articles without an explanation.

For our legitimate users, if we reject an article we will notify you why it has been rejected to give you an opportunity to re-submit.

Why can't I upload a video?

Bandwidth is expensive and therefore we do not allow users to directly upload videos to our server. If you have a video you wish to display on this site, please create a YouTube account, or a Vimeo account and upload your video to these sites. Once uploaded we have provided a set of tools that will allow you to easily embed the video into your article.

Why is my image failing to upload?

If you are uploading large files, these are rejected by our server as large files can slow down the speed of the site for visitors due to loading unnecessary large files. Please try and re-upload your images again after reducing their file size. File sizes should be no higher than 750kB with a width of 1200px. Please refer to our Tutorials page for help in resizing your images.

Content Removal

If you would like content to be removed from the site, please contact with the name of the article, URL to the article, and reasons for removal (copyright infringement, etc.). We shall review each request and take appropriate action. During the review procedure we may contact you for further information to help us with our investigation. Not all requests will result in content being removed whereby we feel that the request is unwarranted. Also note that this website is regularly archived by the British Library, and we cannot request content that has been archived to be removed, you will have to contact the British Library separately.

If you are needing help with creating an article, uploading images, etc. please check out our Tutorials page that will help you get started.

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