Local Representatives

About Local Representation

The power invested in local authorities is administered by elected councillors. In total there is 78 councillors for the Fife area, with 3 councillors representing Lochgelly. The 3 local councillors for Lochgelly are; Mark Hood (Labour), Ian Chisholm (SNP), and Linda Erskine (Labour). There is partial representation from the Community Council, and we are unaware of any local youth representation groups.

Community Representation

Lochgelly Community Council
Voluntary Representation

Local Councillors

Cllr. Mark Hood
Fife Labour Party
Cllr. Ian Chisholm
Scottish National Party
Cllr. Linda Erskine
Fife Labour Party

Rules & Governance

Councillors are subject to a Code of Conduct instituted by the Ethical Standards in Public Life etc. (Scotland) Act 2000 and enforced by the Standards Commission for Scotland. If a person believes that a councillor has broken the code of conduct they make a complaint to the Office of the Chief Investigating Officer (CIO). The CIO makes a determination on whether there is a need for an investigation, and then whether or not to refer the matter to the Standards Commission. (Source: Wikipedia)