Below we have provided tutorials on how to use this website (and WordPress) in general and will add new tutorials to provide our members with a handy resource they can refer to when using the site to publishg content. For those that need additional support, please refer to our F.A.Q., or leave a comment below, or contact us

Step 1 – Create a New Post

Login into your account and a menu will appear at the top of the site, click on New > Post to start creating an article.

Creating a New Post - Screenshot

If you are in the Dashboard area, you can create a new article by clicking Posts > Add New

Creating a New Post - Screenshot

Step 2 – Adding a Title

Once the article editor screen loads you can add a Title for your article in the uppermost box.

Enter a Title - Screenshot

Step 3 – Adding Content

Underneath the Title is another editing area which will be for your article content. Articles can be written directly into the text edit area, or copy and pasted from other areas (Word Documents, etc.)

Text editor - Screenshot

The Text Editor can be switched between two modes; Visual (default mode) and Text.

Step 4 – Notes on Formatting

Visual Mode uses a visual editor to control formatting on the page (Bold, links, highlight, etc.) similar to Document programmes such as Microsoft Word or OpenOffice.

Visual Editing - Screenshot

Text Mode provides basic controls for the layout of your content, but gives more freedom as you have the ability to add HTML and other codes to have greater control over your content. We recommend Visual Mode for beginners.

Text Editor - Screenshot

We have also installed the Symple Shortcodes Plugin which gives extra options to control the layout of your content. For examples of the shortcodes and an easy to use, copy & paste codes for your article, please refer to our guide; Symple Shortcodes – Cheat Sheet List

Step 5 – Adding Keywords & Selecting Categories

To make your article visible to our search facility on the website and to Search Engines (Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, etc.) it is important to add keywords so that your content can be found easier. Keywords should relate to the article and at least one keyword should be used.

Adding Keywords - Screenshot

Type in your keywords/tags and seperate each keyword/tag with a comma. Once you have added your keywords/tags click on Add.

We use six categories to define all articles that appear on the site. Some articles will be hard to define in any specific category, while other articles may span across several categories. If no categories are selected, then a default category will be selected automatically. Tick the category or categories that you would like your article to appear under.

Category Select - Screenshot

Step 6 – Publishing your Article

You can Save Draft at any time to save your work. Whenever you save draft you will be provided an opportunity to preview your article on how it will appear to other users, and be given the opportunity to make further edits.

Once you are happy with your article, click Submit for Review and one of our volunteers will review your article for approval for publishing.

Submit for Review - Screenshot

If your article is rejected we will inform you why, however we have never refused an article except those that have been created by spammers.

Further Information

Contributor accounts have images, video and audio content disabled from articles. If you need additional media for your article, we allow the embedding of video and audio from external websites, such as YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, etc.

If you have images you would like to use for your article, please send an email to info@lochgelly.org.uk with the images attached, and we will resize the images and add them to your article.

Account restrictions are removed from regular contributors and they will have their accounts upgraded to Author allowing for gallery creation, adding their own images and video content, as well as other benefits and freedoms when creating an article.

Support is provided by email and we can provide general support in the comments below. Please also refer to our Frequently Asked Questions for further information.

Step 1 – A note on Image Usage

If you have an Author account (or higher) you can add images to your articles. You are free to use any images uploaded to this site. Please note that some images have been shared by another author, please give that author credit where possible. If you are using 3rd party images please ensure you have the appropriate permissions, such as permission from the copyright holder or a Creative Commons Licence.

Any images you upload to the site are your copyright and can be removed by yourself at any time. We hope you will consider sharing your uploaded images under a Creative Commons Licence.

Step 2 – Image upload restrictions

We restrict image upload sizes to no more than 750Kb this help keeps the site fast for visitors who may not have the available bandwidths or speeds to load large high resolution images. We have put together a short guide on best practices for uploading images to the internet.

Step 3 – Preparing images for upload

Digital Camera files if captured at a high setting produce a large file. If the original image is uploaded to an internet site, users can have difficulty in viewing the image due to the excessive file sizes. Before uploading any images to a site it is important to reduce the dimensions of the image and the file size.

Resizing images to around 1200px width @ 72 dpi is suitable to promote your images without slowing down access speeds for other visitors.

You can use a variety of free and/or Open Source programs to quickly resize your images. Before resizing your images, make sure you backup your originals and only resize a copy of your images.

Further Information

We can provide limited support to help you with resizing images but due to various operating systems, software, etc. we can only provide general support. Please also refer to our Frequently Asked Questions for further information.

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