04 05 2020

That`s right there must be one (eye`s in the back of your head). With the amount of people way in front of their dogs how else can they see their dogs doing the it`s poo`s.

There is a lot of dog poo around the in Central Park, Cowdenbeath and I don`t think I have ever seen a dog in the park not with someone.

I didn`t pick this dog and person for any particular reason other than how I was feeling at the time of doing this video and the loads of dog poo I saw up to this point and afterwards on the path and on the grass.

What also seems to be happening now is that people are picking up their dogs poo in bags but then just dumping the full bags on the path, side of the path or into the undergrowth instead of putting them into the bins around the park which there are a quite a few.


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