This is a Robert A Hunter Video

This video is about how I altered a velcro watch strap I bought into letting the Smart Watch Sensors work on my wrist and still able to fit around wrist straps.

I am ok if individuals use the information in this video for their own watch straps but not for anyone or businesses wanting to make a profit out of the information in this video.

I have copyrighted this video and it`s contents in the hope it will make anyone or businesses think twice about copying how I altered a velcro watch strap I bought into letting the Smart Watch Sensors work on my wrist and still able to fit around wrist straps.

copyright©Robert A Hunter 2020

The Music was Edited by & produced by myself using Music Maker Jam using a Non Commercial Music License.

I Hope this video is of help to someone.

To Start with I like bright colors though I mostly hid them, as in my pants, T-Shirts and Socks. My Trousers are mostly Stone or Navy Blue. So when it comes to watch straps I go for yellows, reds oranges etc.

I have some health problems and I use wrist straps which can be a bit of a nuisance trying to wear a watch when I have the wrist straps on. So I went looking for idea`s. I had a look at the websites of companies selling watch straps and came across Velcro straps.

I found them to do mostly do the job. I did have a problem with them after wearing them over time. I found that the fluff part of the Velcro straps became so very fluffy that they became useless, so I had to trim it back down but that could only be done to a point which wasn`t long.

I had bought heavy duty Velcro for another project so I thought I`d try this. I used a sharp knife and a bic type razor to trim down what was left of the fluff. Then I would cut the heavy duty Velcro to shape then use super glue to stick to stick the new fluff to the strap (the velcro was of the self-adhesive type but I found it didn`t stick very well, hence using super glue). I found that this was better than the Velcro that came with the watch strap.

Over time smart watches came in, so again I used the Velcro straps. But, I found a small problem. The Velcro straps are in one piece not 2 like normal watch straps, so the Velcro straps covers the some of the working parts of the smart watch, “the sensors under the watch” which is a bit of a bummer. So my mind started working again!

There is a specific part of Velcro straps that go under the watch, so I thought what if I cut this piece in half, fold the 2 pieces back on themselves and glue making sure to leave a gap at the fold to put the watch pin through.

I had a little problem with that. I found that the cut edges started fraying almost right away so I super glued the ends which seemed to work. I also didn`t have much confidence in the super glue holding the 2 parts together so I stitched them together as well.

That was that, you put the pins through the gaps in the ends of the straps, put them back into the holes in the watch and that’s that. You can now use the smart watch`s sensory when you aren`t using the wrist straps. I mostly use my wrist straps when I am driving my car or out on my mobility scooter with my dog Jasper.

copyright©Robert A Hunter 2020

Robert A Hunter

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