What a Cheeky Crow, Cowdenbeath 20/06/2018

Over the last week I have been finding in the morning that the fat ball feeder is on the ground either next to the stand or quite some distance from it. The stand has to arms, one has the faball feeder and the other had one for feeds. Both have U shape hooks on the ends. After the first few day of finding the fat ball feeder on the ground I started experimenting with the hook, bending it so that I was just able to get the handle through the gap. That didn’t work so I  put a small plastic strap on as well so that it would have to be lifted of as well as the feeders handle. It was still on the ground the next morning.

I was thinking that it must be someone coming into my garden to do this, it was even suggested to me that it might be a squirrel. anyway I thought right I`ll video feeder last night 19/06/2018 which I did.

In the morning the fat ball feeder was on the ground again. Later on in the day I checked the video. The video I have uploaded will show you who the culprit is.

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