When the Labour and SNP groups on Fife Council formed their unholy alliance, the Conservatives became the lead opposition party, so it falls to us to look critically at everything Fife Council does, regardless of location. This is all the more important now that scrutiny is mostly carried out by the same committees that make the decisions being scrutinised but hey, why get someone else to mark your homework when you can do it yourself.

Shortly before the election, I was tasked with scrutinising the Visitor Centre project at Lochore Meadows. That work was unfinished and following the May vote the new administration decided that I wasn’t going to hold a key role in what independent scrutiny remains. I’ve yet to discover what that says about my performance previously. Regardless, it doesn’t stop the Conservatives asking the difficult questions.

Like so much else, the details of the Boathouse project were shrouded in mystery, confusion and rumour. Now, thanks to the Conservative initiative led by Cllr Holt, they’re down in black and white for all to see. Result.

Councillor Dave Dempsey

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