Shocking results show that Fife has the fifth highest rates of domestic abuse in Scotland during 2015-2016.

Data collected by local authorities across Scotland show that Fife has the fifth highest levels of domestic abuse that has resulted in at least one crime or offence being recorded in 2016.

In Fife alone there was 111 incidents of domestic abuse recorded by the police per 10,000 population, higher than the Scottish average of 108 per 10,000 population. Most domestic abuse victims are female with a male perpetrator and happens within the home of the victim.

Gender of Victim & Perpetrator

Where Gender is known

Victim Perpetrator Share
Female Male 79%
Male Female 18%
Male Male 2%
Female Female 1%

Domestic abuse is a pattern of threatening and controlling behaviour which can include physical violence, psychological abuse, emotional abuse, or sexual abuse. Most abusers use various tactics as a form of control over the victim including frightening the victim, keeping the victim short of money, hurting and threatening the victim, demanding sex from the victim, or threatening to hurt children of the victim. Victims are often targetted over time by the abuser who uses manipulative and controlling behaviour to undermine the confidence of the victim.

One anonymous victim speaking to Scottish Women’s Aid says:

“Looking back on my experience, it was subtle, a few comments made at the beginning until my confidence was slowly chipped away. Then being blamed for making him angry and being compared to ex girlfriends which made me believe it must be me. Then the physical abuse evolved slowly, and I became ashamed and embarrassed at what was going on. The physical abuse didn’t happen every day although the comments did. Then came the sexual abuse which by then I was so good at pretending everything was good. I was broken by then. A few times I tried to leave which came the promises. A few months went by and he was nothing but nice and kind which made me fall for him again.

He asked me to marry him I said yes thinking he was dealing with his issues and we would start fresh. I felt like he needed me. Once we were married within a month it went back to the abuse. Now I felt trapped as he took control of all the money and I fell pregnant. So isolated from everyone and everything. It took me until he tried to kill me to leave, so no its no its not so black and white. Abusers don’t straight away slap you they manipulate and chip away at you till there is nothing left. When children are involved it is even harder.”

During 2015-2016 in Fife, the charity Women’s Aid in Fife supported 1017 women and 362 children. Fife Council’s Protection Unit had 4047 domestic abuse incidents reported to them.

A spokesperson from the Fife Council Health and Social Care team highlights:

“It’s difficult to accept that someone you love or care for can treat you badly. This is rarely a one-off incident. It tends to happen more and more and often becomes more severe. Even if you think you’re experiencing mild abuse, it’s important to recognise it. There are people who can help you. You can do things to help yourself.”

Support Network for Victims

In an emergency contact 999

Fife Womens Aid: 080 802 5555
Police: 101 (or in an emergency contact 999)
Shakti Fife (ethnic minority women): 01383 431 243
Fife Rape and Secual Assualt Centre: 01592 642 336
Kingdom Abuse Survivors Project: 01592 644 217
Safe Space: 01383 739 084
Rape Crisis Helpline: 0808 801 0302
Forced Marriage Unit: 0207 008 0151
National Domestic Abuse Helpline: 0800 027 1234

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