Once again the lucky constituents of this community are being treated to another contrived campaign by the Tory Councillor for Pittenweem area, Ms Linda Holt.

Her unhealthy interest in any development outwith her Landward Constituency and particularly anything pertaining to our community, is well known to those who become targets of her mudslinging tactics.

Ms Holts current gripe, CFT dated 5th October, re the possibility of a boathouse being constructed by St Andrews University Boat Club, on derelict land, is typified by a non-factladen diatribe

Ms Holt asked Fife Council to consider a motion on the construction and management of the project based on her article . A factual amendment was then placed on the agenda and Ms Holt had no response other than to accept it in full.

The one person who should have learned from “last year’s debacle over the Visitor Centre at the Meedies” is Ms Holt. Her opposition to a brand new purpose built and environmentally friendly building had no purpose other than a desire to cause dissent among the local community.

In June this year Ms Holt turned her special attention to the innovative construction of the landmark Fife Cycle loop, with a request to suspend the project.

Her opposition was rejected by 54 votes to 14 Tory votes. At the same meeting she made her feelings about this constituency and its inhabitants crystal clear.

I believe it is a privilege to be elected to represent the people of Lochgelly, Cardenden and Benarty.

My focus has always been in supporting constituents, whether they be individuals, or the numerous, fantastic Volunteer groups we are lucky to have in the ward.

Despite the negativity from Ms Holt I will not move from that focus and I will not be cowed by any nonsense that is printed in the local press from her.

The three areas which make up this ward have great people, with huge hearts, who work hard to bring improvements to their communities and I will continue to work with them seven days a week. I urge Ms Holt to do the same in her own constituency.

Councillor Linda Erskine

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