A public consultation is underway by Fife Council to create the terms of reference for a new Lochore Meadows Country Park Advisory Board which will replace the advisory board that was established by the Fife Coast and Countryside Trust.

Fife Council Community Manager for the Cowdenbeath area, Kevin Sayer says:

“I am seeking comments and views on the draft and welcome suggested amendments and additions. The draft has been seen and agreed by the Area Councillors and they will sign off the final version.”

The public consultation started on the 20th September and will end on Monday 30th October 2017. Comments on the terms of reference can be sent direct to Kevin Sayers via email: Kevin.Sayer@fife.gov.uk or by writing to: Kevin Sayer (Community Manager), Brunton House, High Street, Cowdenbeath, KY4 9QU


Download Word Version: LMCP Terms of reference (DOCX)
Download PDF Version: LMCP Terms of reference (PDF)

Lochore Meadows Country Park Development Board

Remit and Terms of Reference September 2017


  • To provide a vision for Lochore Meadows Country Park (LMCP) which respects its environment and provides economic opportunity for local businesses and initiatives
  • To oversee the future development of LMCP as a local and national centre of excellence.
  • To liaise with and represent the view of local residents on sustainable investment in LMCP infrastructure and services.
  • To preserve and develop the history and heritage of LMCP and the surrounding area.
  • To capitalise on existing facilities and to deliver new and improved facilities.
  • To increase the appeal of LMCP to children and young adults.
  • To identify external funding sources to deliver the vision.
  • To consider bringing LMCP into community ownership via a Development Trust or similar body.


  • Convenor of Cowdenbeath Area Committee (CAC)
  • Two other CAC members (one from each Ward)
  • One representative from each of the eight Cowdenbeath Area Community Councils
  • Two school pupil representatives
  • Two local business representatives
  • Two voluntary sector representatives
  • Community Council representatives will be nominated by their Community Council. Lochgelly High School and Beath High School will each nominate their representative. Business and voluntary sector nominees will be sought by open advertisement and, if there are more nominations than places, will be subject to a public on-line vote.


  • Members are responsible to the Communities they serve and will ensure that information is gleaned from, and decisions fed back to, residents and citizens in the LMCP area. This feedback can be via reports to community forums, social media and the local press. The views of the Board will also be fed back to Cowdenbeath Area Committee.


  • The remit and terms of reference will be reviewed on a five year cycle.

Working methods

  • Members will work together to agree and achieve a vision for LMCP taking advice from external agencies as necessary.
  • Sub groups will be convened to pursue specific initiatives – for example fund-raising and publicity.
  • Decisions will be made by consensus if possible. If not decisions will be made by a simple majority of those attending. The Convenor will have the casting vote in the event of the tie.


  • There will be a minimum of six meetings per annum.
  • Meetings will be administered by the Area’s Community Manager and/or his staff.
  • Meetings will be supported by the Area’s Community Use Manager and the Park Manager
  • Papers will be issued seven working days before meetings
  • The meetings will be open to any interested party who wants to attend
  • Meetings will be chaired by the Convenor of CAC. In his/her absence a substitute Chair will be appointed by those attending.

Sharing of information and resources

  • Information will be available to the group via the LMCP website
  • All non-confidential information will be freely available on the website.
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