The following account is re-published from the 1914 booklet County Folklore by the Folklore Society (Great Britain)

Cave in the Bell Craig, Kirkcaldy

Tradition affirms that there issued from a cave in the Bell Crag “an air from heaven or blast from hell” which enabled persons who imbibed it in proper measure to foresee future events. To this rock then the wizard [Sir Michael Scott] is believed to have resorted on particular occasions for inspiration. Within the memory of many, belated travellers, on passing the Crag, are reported to have experienced very peculiar sensations. All traces of the cave are now obliterated, that portion of the rock having been used as a quarry, and several stately buildings have been erected out of the walls of the wizard’s cave.

Underground Music

About a century ago a drunken piper, returning from Lochgelly Fair, was arrested by the intoxicating vapour. Instead of availing himself of the propitious moment to learn the probable duration of Christmas doles, penny weddings, and other customs in which it may be supposed a person of his calling would be especially interested, the infatuated mortal only testified his exhilaration by a tune upon the bagpipe. … A signal punishment, however, awaited him for the unhallowed use to which he had applied the divine afflatus. The instrument with which he had perpetrated the profanation was destined, alas! never more to pass from his lips. The night was stormy ; but the louder the wind blew, the louder did the enchanted bagpipe sound along the strath. Such a piping was never heard either before or since. . . . Nor did the music cease till sunrise, when a peasant going to his work found the piper lying dead at the mouth of the cave, with the chanter between his lips. It rests on what the Ettrick Shepherd would have called excellent authority, that the Spectre Piper is still heard, on very stormy nights, playing a coronach on the Bell Crag —

“In a wild unworldly tone,
To mortal minstrelsy unknown.”
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