The Lochgelly Paraffin Oil Works was owned by the Earl of Minto and was a small business operating between 1864 – 1869 which was connected to Lochgelly Iron Works.

1894 map of Lochgelly Iron Works
1894 map of Lochgelly Iron Works
Google Earth map of Lochgelly Iron Works location
Google Earth map of Lochgelly Iron Works location

Company records show that the business employed a total of six men and two boys, and it is believed the business was closely associated with the Lochgelly Iron Works.

Foundation Date Rateable Value Name of Company
1866 £15 Lochgelly Iron Coal Company (partners: William Kennard and teh Trustees of James Russell)
1867-68 £15 Lochgelly Iron Coal Company
1879 £100 Lochgelly Iron Coal Company

The Fife Herald, 2nd November 1871.

As we have stated in our previous paper on this subject, there are four furnaces, built of the best fire-brick, in connection with the Lochgelly ironstone pits, but only two of them are at present in blast, 82 men are employed, and there are two blast engines of 80 and 90 horse-power, the quantity of pig iron cast daily being from 36 to 42 tons. For the past three years a locomotive has been engaged for the speedy conveyance of the iron ore and pig iron. An oil work has been established here since 1865, and six men and two boys find employment in the manufacture of crude oil. There are also a brickwork (with an engine of 8 horse-power), and a saw-mill adjoining the iron works.

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