Anyone who owns an Android device is aware that adverts within apps can be a nuisance that is usually tolerated unless the user is prepared to pay the developer to have adverts removed (not always possible) or more commonly root the device, which can create it’s own set of problems. Adguard provides an effective solution for users to remove ads without needing to root their devices.

The Android app store give Android users access to over 2.8 million apps (as of March 2017). Many of these apps are provided for free but in return you will be required to view adverts on your screen. For some this is a fair trade off, and most app developers allow users to remove adverts by purchasing the premium version of their app, but this is not always the standard.

Being forced to watch a few adverts on a daily basis in exchange for a free app may seem like a worth while trade-off for some people, but for others this can be a nuisance, especially to those that have limited data plans where adverts can very quickly increase your data usage.

At one time to remove adverts, users would be required to root their device, a technical solution which can appear to be a daunting task for the non-technically minded. Rooting a device can break the warranty and guarantees of the device as well. For the average user, devices will remain un-rooted and filled with 3rd party adverts.

A solution has been developed by the the Cypress based IT experts – Adguard. Adguard was formed in 2008 and since launching their Adguard product for Android devices, they have since went on to develop the software for most operating systems and enjoy a customer base of over 4 million users.

Adguard is provided in two formats, the most popular format is a local VPN (Virtual Private Network) mode which allows Adguard to filter out adverts at the local level. This form of filtering is the most popular because it does not require root access to the device.

Adguard can also provide filtering through a local HTTP proxy mode which launches a proxy server on your device, this requires that the device is rooted.


Adguard is a leader in it’s field for it’s ease of use for the most non-technical minded user. Other features that make Adguard a valuable must have tool for your Android device include:

  • Adguard manages to block ads in the majority of apps and games on your device.
  • Adguard blocks adverts in your browser so no need to install 3rd party browser extensions.
  • Adguard protects your device against Malware and Phishing.
  • With a built-in Firewall users can manage apps access to the internet as well as further filtering.
  • Adguard blocks trackers on the internet stopping your data leaking to many 3rd parties.
  • With the removal of Ads you can save your bandwidth data and websites become much faster.

One of the drawbacks with Adguard is that it is unable to block adverts on the native YouTube app out the box, this is due to the way Google delivers adverts through the YouTube app. There is work arounds and solutions, often only temporary due to the ongoing development of YouTube by Google, which can be found on the Adguard Forum.

Paid vs Free version of Adguard

Adguard is provided free of charge (with limitations), the main difference between the two versions is that the free doesn’t allow you to filter adverts in your apps but it still allows you to filter out adverts in browsers.


In our tests we ran a paid version on a tablet and phone, and another volunteer opted for the free version on their phone. The paid version on the phone and tablet managed to block all ads apart from in the YouTube app. Our other volunteer still faced regular adverts on their phone through apps, but all browsing ads were blocked.

The free version managed to save 56Mb of bandwidth data through the blocking of adverts, this saving was almost doubled for the phone saving 101Mb, and the tablet which was used heavily, saved over triple of the bandwidth at 173Mb of data.

Adguard is a very easy to use and effective ad blocking/filtering software that is aimed at the non-technical minded user (with a variety of options and tweaks available for the tech-savvy).

Apart from being unable to filter adverts on the native YouTube app, both our volunteers that tested Adguard, agree that Adguard is an essential app that should be installed on any Android device as standard tools to protect your device.

You can download Adguard from their website at:

Adguard for Android
Adguard saves bandwidth by blocking the majority of adverts within apps and blocks malicious activity on your device. The best feature is that your Android device does not need to be rooted for Adguard to work. The only drawback to Adguard is that it is unable to effectively block adverts delivered through the YouTube app otherwise the app would have scored 5 stars!
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