The 4 Winds Trust has announced their expenditure and projects funded for the financial year 2016 – up-to February 2017, which has seen a significant decrease of funds allocated to local projects, with no projects funded in Auchtertool and Lumphinnans.

Amounts Awarded per geographical area (2016- Feb 2017)

Area Total Amount Awarded (£)
Auchtertool £0
Cowdenbeath £1,000
Lochgelly £15,476
Lumphinnans £0
Lochgelly Community Christmas Lights

Breakdown of Expenditure – 2016- February 2017

Group Award Amount (£)
Lochgelly Albert JFC £2,200
Lochgelly Gala £1,380
Lochgelly Gala £300
Lochgelly Community Development Forum £1,500
Lochgelly Community Development Forum £2,000
Masonic Lodge 385 Minto £2,000
Lochgelly Old Folks Reunion £2,000
Lochgelly & District Amateur Musical Association £2,104
Cowdenbeath Bowling Club £1,000
Indoor Bowling Lochgelly £1,992
Hall Hire (North Church) – 4 Winds Trust running costs £48
Hall Hire (Lumphinnans Bowling Club) – 4 Winds Trust running costs £20
TOTAL £16,544

The bank statement for the 4 Winds Trust received on 20th February showed a bank balance of £84,778.82. The final bank balance for the financial year 2016/2017 has not been provided. At the end of the previous financial year for 15/16 the 4 Winds Trust reported £73,000 remaining in their bank account.

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