The Power Sharing Agreement between Fife SNP and Fife Labour includes a Programme for Administration which sets out a series of objectives to be carried forward under the theme heading: Tackling poverty and promoting equality.

Tackling poverty and promoting equality

1. Pledge to make significant progress in implementing the 15 year vision of the Fairness Matters report to effectively eradicate poverty in Fife

2. Work with LGBTI groups to develop appropriate policies and practices in schools and across council services to address discrimination and provide multi-year funding for a Fife Pride event. Work to ensure that Fife is a place where people from all backgrounds and abilities can live and raise their families in peace and where people of all faiths and ethnic backgrounds can follow their religion or belief and achieve their potentialSupport children in our care by setting them up in the world with a passport and provisional driving licence and with access to a credit union account.

3. Working with all “protected characteristic” groups, identified in current equality legislation, so these groups feel valued, respected and appreciated in our communities.

4. Review the status and support for foster carers and kinship carers to improve their terms to provide a stable home environment or more of the children in our care

5. Expand breakfast clubs and holiday provision to ensure that all children in Fife get a good start in the day and address the inequality of access to sports facilities experienced by children and families located in rural Fife through an analysis of current Area provision.

6. Establish Fife as a living wage region.

7. Enable public access Wi-Fi in all council buildings. Encourage internet access across Fife.

8. Establish Fife as a living wage region.

9. Enable public access Wi-Fi in all council buildings. Encourage internet access across Fife.

10. Review council support for Fife’s foodbanks to ensure they are sustainable and able to provide the support needed by those who rely on them

11. Provide support to strengthen and develop Fife’s Credit Unions and encourage employers across Fife to adopt direct payroll deduction credit union schemes

12. Establish the Community Development Finance Initiative developed in partnership with Falkirk and West Lothian Councils to provide an alternative to pay-day lenders and access to financial support and advice

13. Work with partner agencies to establish pilot Universal Basic Income Scheme in Fife

14. Continue to work with UK and Scottish Governments to support refugee resettlement programmes

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