The Power Sharing Agreement between Fife SNP and Fife Labour includes a Programme for Administration which sets out a series of objectives to be carried forward under the theme heading: Housing.


1. Build at least 3,500 new affordable homes and increase capacity for in-house services to do more housing construction work.

2. Build council housing for bigger families – for elderly and disabled – for young people in rural areas and ensure that homes of the right size, and type and are built where they are needed most. Provide an urgent repairs services and complete the transition to a ‘by appointment’ approach for repairs. Need to improve existing gypsy traveller accommodation across Fife. Develop specific housing strategies to meet the needs of young people and single people

3. Redouble our efforts to tackle fuel poverty through insulation and housing improvements, including expansion of the external wall insulation

4. Ensure resources are available for advice and support for those in fuel poverty

5. Address energy costs through participation in the ‘Our Power’ energy supply company

6. Promotion of switching initiatives

7. Stop using B&B accommodation for the homeless and reduce the number of people experiencing homelessness and will seek to eradicate rough sleeping in Fife completely

8. Invest £176m in improving existing council housing over the next 3 years

9. Continue to address the issue of problem private landlords

10. Take steps to address the problem of holiday homes reducing housing opportunities for local people and threatening the viability of communities

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