The Power Sharing Agreement between Fife SNP and Fife Labour includes a Programme for Administration which sets out a series of objectives to be carried forward under the theme heading: Environment.


1. Improve recycling rates to 60%,

2. Review bin collection/recycling with a view to introducing more locally appropriate arrangements not one-size fits all and rule out 4-weekly blue bin collection as a pan-Fife option.

3. Retain all current recycling centres and develop proposals for a deposit and return scheme for high quality materials.

4. Meet the government’s recycling targets and work to ensure that food and other biodegradable waste is processed effectively

5. Meet our obligations for carbon reduction.

6. Further invest in maintenance of parks streets and open spaces providing cleaner streets and improving pavements

7. Make sure our cemeteries are safe, well looked after and provide fitting places for remembrance and contemplation

8. Expand the introduction of electric vehicle charging points across Fife and increasing Council use of low carbon vehicles

9. Continue to support the development of green technologies for heating and transport and investigate and pursue all revenue raising opportunities through waste processing.

10. Complete flood prevention studies of “at risk” areas across Fife and make submissions for funding to Scottish Government to implement flood prevention schemes identified

11. Establish a tree management strategy for Fife in particular removing and replacing trees in urban settings which are considered a health and wellbeing risk to local residents

12. Explore the introduction of environmental ‘hit squads’ to address problems of fly tipping, dog fouling and littering

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