The Power Sharing Agreement between Fife SNP and Fife Labour includes a Programme for Administration which sets out a series of objectives to be carried forward under the theme heading: Education and Children’s Services.

Education and Children’s Services

1. Invest an additional £10m in education to continue raising attainment and closing the attainment gap with a view to maintaining smaller class sizes in the 20% most deprived data zone schools and examine in detail the proposed budget solutions for teacher shortages including recruitment and retention processes.

2. Recruit as many teachers as possible for our schools despite the national shortage of teachers and put a permanent teacher into every class and work to support protection and re-profiling front line resources while maintaining the teacher-pupil ratio

3. Build on the success of our Early Years and Family Nurture work and extend school engagement with families throughout primary schools with a Family Learning Programme. Ensure maximisation of Scottish Government funding for expansion of childcare and early years education towards delivering free provision to 30 hours a week by 2020.

4. Ensure every school leaver has the opportunity of going into employment, quality training or FE/HE

5. Continue the move towards all schools meeting A or B standard for condition and suitability and seek to secure additional funding from the Scottish Government to add to the £50m we have committed to replace or renew Inverkeithing, St Columba’s, Woodmill, Glenrothes & Glenwood high schools and work to deliver a new Madras College for St Andrews at Fife Council’s preferred Langlands site.

6. STEAM subjects are key to Fife’s future. We will renew all STEAM equipment in our high schools and introduce measures to encourage pupils to take up STEAM subjects and work to address the gender imbalance in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Maths) subjects.

7. Invest in supporting teachers to reduce workloads and support their professional development, continuing to improve the quality of teaching and learning in Fife and ensure that Pupil Equity Funds (PEF) are fully utilised to address issues of poverty and inequality within the Education and Childrens services directorate.

8. Tackle the digital divide by providing a tablet or similar device for every P6 and P7 pupils who needs one and support Fife’s Scottish Attainment Challenge schools to improve literacy. Implement a mental and emotional wellbeing framework to integrate support for young people and ensure early intervention with the appropriate range of support

9. Review the status and support for foster carers and kinship carers to improve their terms to provide a stable home environment or more of the children in our care

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