The Power Sharing Agreement between Fife SNP and Fife Labour includes a Programme for Administration which sets out a series of objectives to be carried forward under the theme heading: Economy.


1. Create at least 1,000 apprenticeships or quality training places

2. Expand opportunities for employment or training for 18-24 year olds, the over 50’s and Armed Forces Veterans. Play a full & constructive role in the Modern Apprenticeship & Foundation Apprenticeship programmes giving young people equal chances & choices to succeed in life

3. Continue to develop and support business/innovation hubs, partnering Fife’s business community, Fife College and St Andrews University and advance the use of incubator business facilities to foster opportunity in communities

4. Invest a further £5m in our Town Centres and continue the regeneration of our industrial areas

5. Continue to campaign for the reform of Business Rates and pilot local subsidy schemes. Lobby the Scottish Government to empower Local Authorities to adjust NDR rates up and down to ease financial pressures on town centres. Develop a strategy for using non-domestic rates incentives to stimulate new investment, with bespoke schemes in areas of economic priority

6. Continue to press for the delivery of City Deals for Edinburgh and South east Scotland and for the Tay Cities area including N.E. Fife

7. We will work with public, voluntary and private sector partners to ensure that Fife is in the best possible position to face the uncertainties and challenges of Brexit

8. Build on the high performing tourism sector in Fife ensuring that all parts of Fife benefit including V&A opportunities. Set up a Council Tourism group to explore with Visit Scotland and other partners a Tourism marketing strategy for Fife. Create a tourism asset register through 7 Area Committees within the first 6 months of the Council.

9. Establish a Fife Business Charter increasing FC spend with local businesses & promoting good employment practice via procurement

10. Increase access to childcare and pre/after school provision to assist parents in employment

11. Support the roll out of the next phase of superfast broadband and press for this to include connection to premises not just exchange boxes & for inclusion of better services to remote communities in this programme

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