The ransomware infecting NHS Fife and other health boards is responsible for a global attack on over 45,000 systems spreading across 74 countries. Some health boards have been locked out of patient data and reportedly emergency rooms are being forced to send patients elsewhere.

Experts have identified the strain of ransonware infecting NHS systems as “Wanna Decryptor“. The infection exploits a weakness in Microsoft Windows which was leaked last month by the anonymous hacking group calling itself the Shadow Brokers.

The group had stolen the exploit from the US National Security Agency, which with many other NSA exploit tools was released into the public domain by the hacking collective.

Ransomware is malware that encrypts the files on an infected computer and displays a message to the user that it will decrypt the files after a payment has been made.

The current ransomware infecting the NHS and reportedly affecting a Spanish Telecommunications company and a Russian cellphone operator is demanding payments of $300 or $600 in bitcoin payments.

Three of the Bitcoin addresses are publicly available which were obtained from screenshots from the infection that have been circulated via social media and newspapers. Following the links below allows anyone to view in realtime, transactions that have been made to these accounts from the victims of the infected systems hoping that it will allow their files to be decrypted.

Address 1:

Number of transactions: 38
Total BTC Payments: 6.80581381 BTC
Value: 9041.17 (UK Pounds)

Address 2:

Number of transactions: 32
Total BTC Payments: 4.65355659 BTC
Value: 6116.08 (UK Pounds)

Address 3:

Number of transactions: 29
Total BTC Payments: 3.45521512 BTC
Value: 4594.00 (UK Pounds)

Transactions, Bitcoin payments and value of payments are recorded upto when the article was published. Follow the links to get the latest data.

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