Plans for a new golf course that could grant better access to the Gelly Loch for cyclists and walkers is a step closer despite an objection from the Lochgelly Community Council.

Plans have been approved for an 18-hole golf course adjacent to the Gelly Loch with conditions attached to the development to protect and enhance the Public Right of Ways that head towards the area.

Prior to construction starting, the developer has a range of conditions attached to the planning application including the creation of an access strategy to protect the Right of Way during the construction period, details of the provision of a foot/cycle path going towards the clubhouse from Westerton Farm and ongoing maintenance of the Right of Way.

If constructed the Golf Course will provide facilities that will be open to the general public including a Coffee shop and Restaurant overlooking the water.

The developer for the Loch Gelly Golf Club says:

“the proposed cafe/restaurant facilities offer the opportunity to cater to walkers, cyclists, and at the same time encourage an active, healthy lifestyle.”

The proposal received one objection from Lochgelly Community Council on non-material planning matters with concerns raised that there is sufficient golfing facilities in the local area and the development would have a ” significant detrimental impact” on existing facilities and local communities.

A spokesperson for the Lochgelly Community Council states:

“The Community Council had objected to the proposals when they were submitted, highlighting that there was already sufficient numbers of golf courses in the area.”

Meanwhile the developer is keen to highlight:

“Having a top-notch course in a unique, naturally beautiful setting, and a clubhouse with high-quality facilities, it’s easy to see the appeal for players and tourists alike. The club will reach beyond purely the golfing community, with the aim of attracting inward investment and being a key contributor to the local community, a vital aspect for the regeneration area of Mid-Fife.”

Construction work has not yet begun on the site and the developer expects the base cost for development to start at £150k.

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