Lochgelly’s environmental group, Growing in Lochgelly, has issued an appeal for more volunteers to come forward and get involved and have fun in making the local area a greener, more pleasant place to stay.

Growing in Lochgelly was founded in March 2016 and aims to enhance the local area through floral and herbaceous displays, improve access to green spaces and core pathways, develop green spaces to better support the biodiversity of the local eco-system, and promote sustainability and recycling to the wider community.

Treasurer of the Group, Dod Kinnell said:

“Last year Lochgelly won a Bronze in the Beautiful Fife Awards and this year we are aiming for a Gold. Yet beyond the awards, what we would really like to see is more people coming forward to get involved in making Lochgelly a greener and eco-friendly place to stay.

We want this project to be one in which people from different backgrounds and at different stages in life can participate – from families with children who may just want to learn something about nature, to retirees who are keen to develop their green fingers. There are opportunities to get involved in everything from sowing and planting to painting and watering no contribution is too small.”

Asides from winning a Beautiful Fife award, the volunteers also played a role in helping Lochgelly achieve the national SURF Award for most improved town in Scotland after collaborating with residents and community groups that included Lochgelly Community Development Forum, Ore Valley Housing Association and Loch of Shining Waters as part of the Lochgelly Going Forward initiative that helped develop a Community Action Plan for the local area.

If you would like to get involved or would like more information, visit Growing in Lochgelly’s website at www.growlochgelly.org.uk, join their Facebook group ‘Growing in Lochgelly’ or contact Dod Kinnell on 07751 639 711

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