The Fife Conservatives have called for all political parties to come together to run Fife Council as a way of ending division in the Kingdom.

Council Group Leader Dave Dempsey said “The public tell us that they’d like us to put aside party squabbling and work together to make a better Fife. Well, now we have the perfect opportunity. The voters have made it impossible for one party to run the Council and political considerations make it very unlikely that any two can join forces against the others.”

“So why don’t we put aside the negative ideas of Administration and Opposition and all work together. The senior positions can be shared on the basis of the number of councillors each party has and those councillors can then pick the best bits from each of the manifestos to take forward.”

“We all agree on a great deal, such as more decentralisation and better roads, so why spend so much time and effort arguing with each other?”

No agreement has been reached between the four parties that were elected at the Fife Council local elections. SNP hold a slim majority with 29 seats, followed by Labour at 24 seats, Scottish Conservatives at 15 seats and Lib Dems at 7 seats.

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  1. […] dismisses an earlier proposal from Fife Conservatives to share duties equally between all the parties based on the number of councillors returned from […]


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