As part of our election coverage we have approached every candidate asking them to introduce themselves, and let us know the issues that are important to them, whether local or national. The following response is from Scottish National party candidate, Lea McLelland, who is standing for election in the Lochgelly, Cardenden and Benarty ward.

Lea McLelland

I was born and raised in Dundonald, lived all my adult life in Benarty and have extensive family links to Lochgelly so I truly am as local as they come. I am the only candidate with extensive links in each area of this Ward.

I am well known as a founder member & the secretary of Benarty Fundraisers community group, who raise money through a series of events through out the year, donating money raised to support local groups & organisations within the local area, I am also an active member of the Benarty Community Council.

I am passionate about community work and ensuring that local people get the services that they deserve. As a community activist I am constantly discussing the issues that affects us all and how we can work together to improve the area for everyone that lives here. I believe the best people to decide the future of our communities are the people who live in our communities. The Scottish government has committed to consult on and introduce new legislation to decentralise local authority functions, budgets and democratic oversight to local communities. I will support this commitment if elected, and ensure local people are given much more control over how public money is spent in our area.

Education: The SMP Scottish government have given £10 million directly to Schools and five including £736,800 in our area… While Fife Labour has cut £3 million from teaching budgets meaning 100 teacher vacancies will not be filled in Fife.

With an SNP-led Fife Council we will:

  • Work to reverse Labour’s 3 million education cuts.
  • Support base Scottish attainment challenge Schools to improve literacy, numeracy and health and wellbeing.
  • Support the modern apprenticeship and foundation apprenticeship programmes ensuring that young Fifers have more choice and opportunities to succeed in life.

On Thursday 4th May, you have a choice. The decision that you make will determine the path that Fife takes over the next five years. This decision is about who you just to deliver the council services that you, your family and our communities deserve. It’s about the quality of our schools, health and social care, and community services. It’s about selecting a council that will deliver local priorities, giving you, And your community, real choice and real power by voting Lea McLelland-1 and Rosemary Liewald-2 you will be supporting strong, local SNP candidates that are committed to delivering a fairer deal for Fifers.

We have approached candidates requesting in their own words (no more than 600 words) details about who they are and what issues they are campaigning on. We will publish all responses in full as we receive them to provide ongoing coverage during the local elections. Candidates that wish to make further press releases or submit letters should email

Council Ward 8 – PDF (858Kb)

FifeDirect – Election Guide

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