As part of our election coverage we have approached every candidate asking them to introduce themselves, and let us know the issues that are important to them, whether local or national. The following response is from Scottish Conservative candidate, Darren Watt, who is standing for election in the Cowdenbeath ward.

Darren Watt

I drive along our crumbling roads and walk on our cracked pavements. I shop and socialise in the derelict and neglected Cowdenbeath High Street. I send my 3 children to our local crammed school with undervalued and overstretched staff. My children play in our underwhelming park and run about on the overgrown grass that is no doubt covered in dogs’ dirt. Every day I see failings all around me from our Labour run Council and quite frankly I, like so many others, have had enough.

The people of Fife and more specifically The Cowdenbeath Ward deserve much better and if elected, I will ensure you and your community will transcend the pathetic bickering and political grandstanding you’ve sadly been used to.

I will fight for what is right for our area and pledge to reverse the rapid decline we’ve witnessed over the last few years.

Please be fully assured:

  • I will strongly push for investment and redevelopment in our High Streets and villages. I want to give local businesses the confidence, support and infrastructure they so desperately need in such tough trading conditions.
  • I promise to provide more support and powers to our community and sport groups to ensure they can continue playing their positive and important roles in our community without interference, inconvenience and unnecessary red tape.
  • I will demand the additional funding required to properly repair our roads and pavements.
  • I will work closely with our head-teachers and school staff to ensure our schools will have the proper framework and support in place so our teachers can concentrate on educating our children without needless worries, fears and concerns.
  • I will consistently champion our towns and villages in order to receive adequate funding to spend on projects, events etc and I promise there will always be fair and transparent consultations set-up before any decisions are made.
  • I pledge to be your strong representative within Fife Council and will always fight for you, your family and your neighbours and ensure your voices are listened to and your concerns are actioned straight-away. I can fully assure you I will not be another faceless and nameless Councillor.

As your Scottish Conservative and Unionist candidate I can promise you I will continue to strongly oppose a 2nd referendum and will not allow the SNP to create further division in our communities. Like so many others I just want SNP politicians to drop this unnecessary distraction and focus on the day jobs they were elected to do.

Your vote is crucially important and more important than ever before. Vote for a strong, local voice – Vote Darren Watt

We have approached candidates requesting in their own words (no more than 600 words) details about who they are and what issues they are campaigning on. We will publish all responses in full as we receive them to provide ongoing coverage during the local elections. Candidates that wish to make further press releases or submit letters should email

Council Ward 7 – PDF (818Kb)

FifeDirect – Election Guide

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