With proposals to develop land on a greenfield site diverging away from the Mid Fife local plan we are reviewing the masterplans that are in place for the Lochgelly area which was established between Developers, Councillors, and Fife Council between 2006-2012.

Please note that the content below was produced by Ryden on behalf of JS Builders (Scotland) Ltd. Any opinion contained below is the opinion of Ryden and not Shining Waters. This forms a series of posts reviewing the long-term plans proposed for Lochgelly.

Hugh Place, LGY 02

Land use: The 1.1ha site is located in the north west of Lochgelly situated between existing housing. It is brownfield land and allocated in the Mid Fife Local Plan and the Proposed FIFEplan (LGY 001) for a capacity of 25 units.

Ownership: The site is owned and will be delivered by Fife Council.

Physical/ Contamination/ Infrastructure: The site falls within the defined Development High Risk Coal Area and the Coal Authority records indicate that within the application site and surrounding area there are coal mining features and hazards which require to be considered and addressed prior to development. The site is relatively flat and easily accessible.

Deficit Funding: It will require public funding as Fife Council is noted as the lead developer.

Marketability: the lead agency of the site is Fife Council. The site was included in the Fife Housing Land Audit from 2003 to 2012 by Fife Housing Association as an effective site with a capacity of 13 units, intended to be completed in 2012/13. This has yet to be built out. A live planning application is currently being determined for the erection of one house on the site. Whilst the LDP notes a capacity of 25 units.

Programming: the site has been in the HLA for 13 years and is yet to be fully developed, a live application is being processed for one house and there is no indication in the HLA as to when, or if, the remainder of the site will be developed.

Conclusion: Albeit an allocated brownfield site, there is no indication that the site will come forward (beyond the one unit) within the current five year effective land supply period to 2021.

Additional Documents

Download Full Report: Ryden Sequential Site Assessment – PDF
Download Strategic Framework: Fife Council Design Framework for Lochgelly (2008) – PDF
Download Lochgelly Settlement Plan: Fife Council – Lochgelly Settlement Plan – PDF
Download Supplementary Guidance: Fife Council – Lochgelly Supplementary Planning & Transport Guidance (2011) – PDF

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