With proposals to develop land on a greenfield site diverging away from the Mid Fife local plan we are reviewing the masterplans that are in place for the Lochgelly area which was established between Developers, Councillors, and Fife Council between 2006-2012.

Please note that the content below was produced by Ryden on behalf of JS Builders (Scotland) Ltd. Any opinion contained below is the opinion of Ryden and not Shining Waters. This forms a series of posts reviewing the long-term plans proposed for Lochgelly.

West Cartmore, LGY 06

Land use: The 3.7ha site is located in the east of the settlement area north of Lochgelly Golf Course. The Greenfield site is allocated in the existing Mid Fife Local Plan for 60 units and the proposed FIFEplan (LGY004) with a capacity of 60 units as per the 2016 Housing Land Audit.

Ownership: The site is privately owned by McPherson and Fife Council are noted as the Lead Agency in developing the site.

Physical, Contamination, Infrastructure: The site is a steeply sloping area of greenfield land located to the north of Lochgelly Golf Club. It is bounded to the east by the railway line and the west by new housing. The relationship between the site, the railway line and the golf course would require to be sensitively managed and there are likely to be noise and access issues due to the proximity of the railway line to the site.

Deficit Funding: Fife Council are noted in the Proposed LDP as the Lead Agency, therefore, it is assumed that public funding will be required.

Marketability: The site has been included in the Housing Land Audit as an effective housing site since 2003 and has yet to be developed. No planning permission exists and there is no indication that developer is likely to come forward in the short-term.

Programming: The 2016 Housing Land Audit anticipates that work will begin in 2020/21 with 10 units per year. Without a developer to take forward the site this assumption is unreliable.

Conclusion: It is evident that the site has been allocated and marketed over a 13 year period unsuccessfully and there is no evidence to suggest that a developer will be attracted to the site in the short-term. Indeed, this was noted by the Reporter to the Proposed FIFEplan Examination, who stated that despite the apparent lack of interest, the allocation should remain to provide for the prospect of development in the long-term.

The HLA notes the site is programmed for phased development beyond 2020 with only 10 units coming forward in the period up to 2021. Notwithstanding the prospect of 10 houses coming from this site it cannot be counted on to make a meaningful contribution to the current land supply shortfall in this market area.

Additional Documents

Download Full Report: Ryden Sequential Site Assessment – PDF
Download Strategic Framework: Fife Council Design Framework for Lochgelly (2008) – PDF
Download Lochgelly Settlement Plan: Fife Council – Lochgelly Settlement Plan – PDF
Download Supplementary Guidance: Fife Council – Lochgelly Supplementary Planning & Transport Guidance (2011) – PDF

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