With proposals to develop land on a greenfield site diverging away from the Mid Fife local plan we are reviewing the masterplans that are in place for the Lochgelly area which was established between Developers, Councillors, and Fife Council between 2006-2012.

Please note that the content below was produced by Ryden on behalf of JS Builders (Scotland) Ltd. Any opinion contained below is the opinion of Ryden and not Shining Waters. This forms a series of posts reviewing the long-term plans proposed for Lochgelly.

The Avenue, LGY 05

Land use: The 6.6 ha site is located to the south-west of Lochgelly within the settlement area. The Greenfield site is allocated in the current Mid Fife Local Plan for a capacity of 90 units and the proposed FIFEPlan (LGY 003) for the same. The Housing Land Audit (2016) notes that the site has a capacity of 109 units.

Ownership: The site is owned by Lomond Property who are now in administration and consequently the site is identified as non-effective in HLA 2016.

Physical, Contamination, Infrastructure: The site is located on the north side of The Avenue adjacent to business/industrial units, FIFEplan states that any development here will need to clearly separate the two land uses and ensure that adequate residential amenity can be achieved. Otherwise, the site is considered relatively free from physical, contamination or infrastructure constraints.

Deficit Funding: it is not anticipated that public funding will be required to develop the site.

Marketability: the site is noted in the Housing Land Audit (2016) as being non-effective due to the owner/developer being in administration. It will not be developed in the short term.

Programming: the site received planning permission in 2007 for 72 houses and 18 flats and the s75 was signed in 2014, however the site is not effective and it is not anticipated to contribute in the period up to 2021.

Conclusion: This site is not effective, with the landowner in administration and no current prospect of an alternative developer taking it forward. It cannot be relied upon to deliver any housing within the period up to 2021.

Additional Documents

Download Full Report: Ryden Sequential Site Assessment – PDF
Download Strategic Framework: Fife Council Design Framework for Lochgelly (2008) – PDF
Download Lochgelly Settlement Plan: Fife Council – Lochgelly Settlement Plan – PDF
Download Supplementary Guidance: Fife Council – Lochgelly Supplementary Planning & Transport Guidance (2011) – PDF

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