Lochgelly based charity Sunny Harbour Cat & Kitten Rescue has made an urgent appeal for donations to carry out emergency surgery on a stray cat after it was found with skin degloved from the jaw. The appeal has seen over 102 shares on social media and the charity hope to raise £1500 for the surgery.

A spokesperson for the organisation says:

Hey guys, sorry its taken a wee while longer to get this little one sorted than anticipated. We were called out to an emergency call on Saturday afternoon after a call from one of our local supporters about a stray cat missing its lower jaw.

Paul dived over as quickly as he could and when he got there 10 mins later was met by a stomach churning scene as the cats jaw was still there and functioning fine but it chin and lower jaw area was skinned / degloved with the flesh hanging off below.

It was horrific to see and we immediately got the little one into a box and rushed to the duty out of hours vet. On arrival the vet rushed him straight through to surgery to clean up the wound and try a desperate attempt to reattach the degloved flesh back onto the jaw.

After 2 long hours with the cat the vet and Paul re-emerged having done the best job they could to try to get the flesh to re-attach. There was only a very small area in the centre where they could stitch the flesh back on and as the jaw was down to the bone the only option they had was to use surgical glue to the sides so that he could at least eat. The vet told us that there was a 50/50 chance of success of this operation and we knew if it failed we would have to find another way to fix it to save his life.

We have discussed at length how he may have come across this injury and to be honest we are stumped but it does not appear to have been caused by any deliberate act but rather some kind of freak accident he has got himself into. Again not thought to be a car accident as there are no other marks or injuries elsewhere but also that the wound in particular is incredibly neat.
Sadly this afternoon one side of the jaw started to show signs that it was beginning to come away and so we frantically made arrangements to have this little one referred to Mr Norris’s surgeon, Norman. Tonight both sides have failed and the front section has come away leaving only a few central stitches in please. Our hope is if anyone can help Wattie Norman can.

Thankfully once Norman received the pictures he understood our urgency and so arrangements have been made for him to travel in the early hours of the morning tomorrow to his practice in North Berwick for a 2nd emergency surgery to try to save the flesh hanging from his face before it becomes either badly infected or necrotic (dead tissue).
The little one we have affectionately named Wattie just now because everyone who has seen him so far has said “WHAT!!!!!!!!”

With the emergency call out and very long surgery on Saturday and now having to bring in the help of a specialist vet we are fully expecting the veterinary care bill for this little one to hit approx £1500 – £2000 and higher so we are appealing to anyone at all that can help whether by donating pennies, sharing this plea, donating goods to our shop for us to raise funds, anything, anything at all to help us save this little ones life.

We all need your help to save Wattie and give him a life he so so deserves.

If you are able at all to spare anything at all to help Wattie we would be so so grateful and you can donate via the link below. I will create a specific appeal page for him tomorrow but we would be so grateful if you could help us using our general donation service just now here:


Thank you all so so much for reading Wattie’s story and helping us to save his life and we are sorry for sharing such a harrowing case and imagery but without you we simply cannot provide for him the care he desperately needs and we wanted you to know how desperate the situation is. We understand how upsetting this is and Paul & I are desperately trying to help this little one. xx
The image shown below is one of him during surgery once everything had been cleaned up and he was out of pain and the second shows him once the initial surgery was completed and the latter waking from the anaethesia.

He has been enjoying his food and tolerating a few strokes when he is eating so that is promising. Now we just need the kitties Uncle Norman to work his magic.”

If you can donate some money for the surgery you can do so at: https://cafdonate.cafonline.org/3874#/DonationDetails

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