Admin Note: The letter below was received as a response to a letter published by Cllr Mark Hood

I see Councillor Mark Hood (Letters 8.2.17) is continuing his campaign to mislead local communities through misinformation and misrepresentation.

His latest ?move is to accuse me of being opposed to the following developments: Lochgelly Town House development, new housing, improvements to the public park, the campaign for a new health centre, the Fife Cycle Circuit, new visitor centre and sports pavilion at Lochore Meadows, the family nurture centre at the Sunflower Nursery and finally the proposed new regional climbing centre, Rockgelly. He even goes so far to accuse me of supporting austerity cuts.

Of course this is fantastical nonsense ?and Cllr Hood offers no evidence to back-up his claims. He appears to be living in a fantasy world of persecution and paranoia.

Anytime a resident raises a concern about one of Cllr Hood’s projects they are instantly demonized by him as being part of some wider SNP plot!

I and others have repeatedly drawn attention to the lack of community engagement, transparency and accountability in connection with his various schemes, but Cllr Hood’s reaction has been to blank ?these issues and intensify the personal attacks.

The visitor centre, developments at the Public Park and the closed-loop cycle track have all been Hood’s babies (follies?) and he has gone to extraordinary lengths to exclude the immediate communities from involvement in them.

As for the Town House, Cllr Hood pushed for the sale of this Common Good asset, backed by Labour cronies on the Lochgelly Community Council, with the monies from the sale to go to a Common Good fund for Lochgelly residents. This has since been “invested”, in other words, locked away from residents in an account where its value is gradually being eroded.

As for the nursery, Rockgelly, housing in Lochgelly – not once have I made a comment on these facilities, but of course truth is the very first casualty in any project Cllr Hood is involved in.

His silence on the lies he told communities over the Meedies fiasco is deafening. To Cllr Hood’s credit, he is no longer standing for the next election. For many residents and community groups, and not least the Labour Party which his behaviour continues to bring into disrepute, he cannot go too soon.

James Glen
(Address supplied)

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