The Fife Conservatives are astonished that one of Labour’s senior councillors can’t tell the difference between a Scottish Conservative council candidate and an SNP activist.

Cllr Dave Dempsey
Cllr Dave Dempsey
Fife Conservative Chairman, Cllr Dave Dempsey said “Late last year, we selected Linda Holt as our candidate for the East Neuk & Landward Ward for the Council Elections in May 2017. While Linda lives in the ward, she has a strong track record campaigning on a number of issues across Scotland, most notably wind farms. She’s a weel kent face.

“Consequently, we were astonished to be shown a post on the Facebook page of Cllr Mark Hood, Labour Chair of the Cowdenbeath Area Committee. The post criticised a letter of Linda’s that had appeared in the press. Mark Hood’s argument was that because some SNP councillors had voted against him, the letter from “the SNP activist” had no merit. You could drive a bus through the holes in that piece of logic.

“This is just another example of the theme that dominates local politics in Fife – the visceral animosity between Labour and the SNP who seem to disagree with each other for the sake of it. During debates on important issues, we sit waiting for the accusation of ‘political point scoring’, which translates as ‘we’ve stopped discussing the merits of the proposal and now we’ll just chuck mud at you lot’.

“The people of Fife deserve better than this. There are huge questions to be answered about how councillors deploy the shrinking but still substantial pot of money to get the best outcome for Fifers. Those questions aren’t going to be answered correctly as long as the chief objective of the biggest political groups is to verbally duff up the other lot.

“Cllr Hood is standing down in May. We hope that May 5th will see Cllr Holt elected. That’ll be a change for the better.”

Cllr Mark Hood
Cllr Mark Hood
Linda Holt added “Political tribalism has turned local politics into a Punch and Judy show. In some areas of Fife, such as Councillor Hood’s ward, anyone who voices an opinion has to be prepared for personal abuse. No wonder community engagement is so poor, and voter turn-out so low.

“Fife Conservatives are fielding a raft of candidates committed to improving local government in Fife by bringing it closer to the communities the Council exists to serve.”

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