This is the last part of our review for 2016, where we look back at our most popular articles.

In 2016 442,194 unique visitors viewed 2,416,035 pages which generated 6,312,027 hits and consumed a total of 102.33Gb of bandwidth.

3506 users registered on the site. It consisted of 1006 pages of content. Users left 1,281 comments. All this was created and managed by 8 volunteers (both part-time and full-time).

Twitter: 2,360 Tweets, 1,346 followers
YouTube: 58 subscribers with 81,177 views
Facebook: 725 likes, 691 followers

We donated a total of £16,750 of work (web design, video production, graphic design, web hosting) to community groups based in Lochgelly, Central Fife and the wider Fife area.

September 2016

Loch of Shining Waters campaigned with residents to seek objections to the latest proposals by Kennedy Renewables for a met mast. Our worry was that this application is a precursor for another wind farm application. There were 47 objections, a remarkable number for a met mast application. As yet, it is still awaiting determination by Fife Council.

British Telecom held a consultation on removing payphones across Fife, including well-used phones at the old Post Office in Bank Street.

We were joined by Andrew Connolly, a student and programmer from the Dunfermline area. Andrew helps us to maintain our public archive for the Lochgelly Community Council and provides admin support to our main site.

We test trialled Pericsope to broadcast Mossmorran flaring live. We ran the livestream for just over 11 hours and had 348 viewers. We also reported the comments made on the social media platform Twitter by worried residents.

October 2016

A new user joined our site, Joe Barkson, in order to publish recipes, which provide a welcome change to our usual content.

Moria Crowley examined the new Independence Referendum Bill proposed by Nicola Sturgeon at the SNP conference in Glasgow.

Councillor Hood attacked local football teams, claiming that they had damaged the former red ash area in the Public Park. He described it as “utterly sickening” before threatening to close Muir Park for the rest of the season. Cllr Hood then took aim at Loch of Shining Waters, attacking our use of Freedom of Information which prompted a full response from our team.

November 2016

Fife Council asked members of the public to vote for one of four projects in each local community for a share of funding totalling £250k as part of the “Oor bit Fife” campaign.

We highlighted the work of Steve Wilkinson who has launched a UK wide project seeking Wheelchair Ambassadors to represent their local areas and help others with specific accessability needs find places such as venues that are mobility-friendly.

We asked whether Fife Councillors would nod through a £1.8 million plan for the closed loop cycle track at Glencraig despite outstanding objections from residents and SEPA, and an unproven economic case. The answer was yes and the application was approved.

We announced a series of changes we are making to the site after Cllr Hood made further attacks on our volunteers, including making a failed attempt to harrass and dox one of our board members through cyber-mobbing. We have since banned Cllr Hood from our Facebook page and Twitter page and submitted formal complaints about the councillor.

It emerged that a plan was underway to demolish the visitor centre at Lochore Meadows with sections within the Benarty community branding its proposed replacement a monstrosity. A public meeting was held by concerned residents and community groups and Cllr Mark Hood made a promise that the plans would be scrapped if the community could not be got on board.

We listed in detail the expenditure of the 4 Winds Trust for 2015-2016 and brought this to wider attention after the Lochgelly Community Council quietly published the yearly accounts submitted to OSCR.

December 2016

The work of Lochgelly Community Development Forum, Ore Valley Housing Association, Growing in Lochgelly and Lochgelly Going Forward was recognised when Lochgelly won a SURF award for most improved town in Scotland.

We launched a new section on our site allowing readers to submit their letters for re-publishing which has received submissions from a concerned resident over bad driving, and letters criticial of developments at Lochore Meadows.

Issues at the Meedies have continued to intensify as more information has come to light. Councillors branded Fife Council officers’ behaviour scandalous. Meanwhile the new visitor centre had already been tendered and was consented on the quiet. Cllr Hood broke his public promise, forcing residents to make a personal plea to the council leader. We also examined the legalities of the planning approval while Lochgelly Community Council rejected plans for the Meedies, and residents raised concerns that the Council is responsible for wilful destruction and neglect at the Meedies. Finally we learnt that council leader David Ross is minded to go ahead with the orginal plan to demolish the building.

December saw plans submitted for a skatepark at Lochgelly Public Park, and for a fitness centre at the Fabtek site.

Despite numerous flaring events by Mossmorran, a public outcry on social media against the corporations responsible, multiple complaints to SEPA, and a noise investigation by the regulator, Lochgelly Community Council claimed that Lochgelly residents have no issues about the operations of the Mossmorran plant.

Young Citizen and Citizen of the Year were announced with Daniel Pratt and Karen Yeomaon winning the awards for their local achievements.

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