In part two of our review for 2016, we look back at the articles that made the most impact on the site in terms of traffic and popularity. But before giving our review, for those into stats, here are ours:

In 2016 442,194 unique visitors viewed 2,416,035 pages which generated 6,312,027 hits and consumed a total of 102.33Gb of bandwidth.

3,506 users registered on the site. It consisted of 1006 pages of content. Users left 1,281 comments. All this was created and managed by 8 volunteers (both part-time and full-time).

Twitter: 2,360 Tweets, 1,346 followers
YouTube: 58 subscribers with 81,177 views
Facebook: 725 likes, 691 followers

We donated a total of £16,750 of work (web design, video production, graphic design, web hosting) to community groups based in Lochgelly, Central Fife and the wider Fife area.

May 2016

Our political reporter Moria Crowley continued her series of interviews with MSP candidates which included an interview with Annabelle Ewing. Alex Rowley was approached but declined to be interviewed.

Community campaigner Linda Holt responded to the attacks made on her in the Central Fife Times by Lochgelly Community Council after she had revealed the political motivations behind the community council’s campaign for a new health centre. Despite making his own full response, Cllr Hood also used the comments section to attack our volunteers and Ms Holt before being caught out misleading readers.

Lochgelly Community Council proposed CCTV for the Lochgelly Public Park. In a straw poll of 206 of our site visitors, an overwhelmingly majority of 78% rejected the CCTV proposals.

We continued our work with Lochgelly Going Forward and made one of our regular visits to the Gelly Loch to capture images for the Lochgelly Community Action Plan.

Our site was also targetted by a malicious user who opted to use a Black Hat SEO hack against our group to try to get our site delisted from the search engines. The attack failed.

June 2016

June was the month which saw the UK decide on remaining or leaving the European Union. After decideing to leave, Moria Crowley examined the vote and potential effects on Scotland and Fife.

The Health and Care Experience Survey for 2015/2016 showed that deprived communities across Central Fife had some of the worst experiences when accessing GP services with Lochgelly Health Centre at the bottom of a league table of 122 GP surgeries across the Fife & Tayside region. The report highlighted that there are greater inequalities in accessing GPs in poorer communities than in more affluent areas.

June was also the month that we paid tribute to one of the most famous sons of Lochgelly, jazz legend Joe Temperley, who died in New York, aged 86. Joe always said that Lochgelly remained close to his heart and he continued to return to the area every year, providing long-term support for Lochgelly-based charity Fife Youth Jazz Orchestra.

July 2016

In July a global appeal was launched by a Lochgelly Mother to save her daughter Ava Stark, who needed an urgent life-saving bone marrow donor. The appeal saw many come forward but hopes for a donor were repeatedly dashed until December 2016 when a suitable donor finally came through. Little Ava spent Christmas at home with her family after the life-saving operation.

Community campaigner James Glen launched a petition to demand more GPs for deprived communities to tackle the growing health inequalities facing the poorest communities in Central Fife.

A Freedom of Information request revealed the expenditure of the 4 Winds Trust from 2013-2015.

We also revealed that OSCR concluded their investigations into the 4 Winds Trust and upheld all the complaints against the Trust whilst raising their own additional concerns about the management of the charity.

August 2016

August saw the proposed closed loop cycle track at Glencraig face strong opposition from the residents adjacent to the development. An objection by SEPA was submitted over flooding concerns which had not been addressed, and further concerns were raised by Fife Council Environmental Health.

August has always been Gala month led by the dynamic trio from Lochgelly Community Development Forum (Eileen McKenna, Helen Ross, Christine McGrath). We captured the event with a video tribute, images from the day, including the fancy dress competition held at the West End Park.

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