In part one of our review for 2016, we look back at the articles that made the most impact on the site in terms of traffic and popularity. But before giving our review, for those into stats, here are ours:

In 2016 442,194 unique visitors viewed 2,416,035 pages which generated 6,312,027 hits and consumed a total of 102.33Gb of bandwidth.

3506 users registered on the site. It consisted of 1006 pages of content. Users left 1,281 comments. All this was created and managed by 8 volunteers (both part-time and full-time).

Twitter: 2,360 Tweets, 1,346 followers
YouTube: 58 subscribers with 81,177 views
Facebook: 725 likes, 691 followers

We donated a total of £16,750 of work (web design, video production, graphic design, web hosting) to community groups based in Lochgelly, Central Fife and the wider Fife area.

January 2016

During January we learned that Fife is the 9th highest area in Scotland for child poverty rates with 24% of children living in poverty. The Lochs ward has 31.04% children living in poverty, Lochgelly and Cardenden ward 28.91%, and Cowdenbeath 24.35%.

We also welcomed Moria Crowley to the team as our political reporter. She holds a certification in Political Science from the Université catholique de Louvain and is a recent graduate of the University of North Texas. We have been lucky to have Moria on board and her investigative work into local and Scottish politics has been insightful.

Lastly, we announced the winner of our competition which was run in partnership with the Ink Shop. Eaun M from EJH Technology won the the prize giveaway raffle where Design Fife designed their business stationary and Print & Sign Centres printed 500 business cards, 500 compliment slips and 500 letterheads.

February 2016

The Lochgelly Spiritualist Church began their 100 years celebration and asked local residents to help compose and celebrate their history.

The Lochgelly Community Council achieved new heights of technical incompetence by “accidently” deleting its website. A technical impossibility made the Lochgelly Community Council the only user in the world capable of deleting a site by accident.

We also learned that the 4 Winds Trust was under investigation by the charity regulator OSCR, although details of the full investigation were not available until later.

Meanwhile police were appealing for information as part of their investigation into an armed robbery in Melville Street where the armed robbers made a getaway with a Playstation 3 and other items.

March 2016

A new community group Growing in Lochgelly launched a campaign to improve the organic environment across the town on Easter Friday. The group put out numerous planters and planted flowers at the Cross, helped by residents and children.

Dodd Kinnell of the Brucefield Allotments warned members of the public to be careful after discovering used syringes and other drug paraphenelia near the plots.

Loch of Shining Waters volunteers recreated the deleted Lochgelly Community Council website by working from an archived version of the site and donated the new website, domain name and web hosting to Lochgelly Community Council.

April 2016

April began with the announcement that CommScope in Lochgelly was facing closure with a potential loss of 50 jobs. MSP Annabelle Ewing spoke up, seeking support for the workers.

A Freedom of Information request revealed the full extent of OSCR’s investigation into the 4 Winds Trust for multiple breaches of charitable law. The investigation examined external complaints made against the trust as well as pursuing OSCR’s own concern about the lack of submitted financial accounts.

Our volunteers posted a Facebook screenshot from Cllr Hoods facebook page which he took exception to. He began a twitter spat in which he used his position to promulgate a highly distorted version of events and to attack multiple volunteers of our group.

Our chairperson Terry Mclean wrote an open letter to Lochgelly Community Council after community councillor and chairperson Brian Schulz publicly snubbed the work of our volunteers in restoring the LCC website.

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