Benarty Fundraisers got the new year launched with a splash at their annual dook held at the Meedies, managing to raise much needed funds for the Benarty Foodbank.

A strong turnout at the Meedies for the yearly dook and fund raising event has helped provide additional financial support for the Benarty Foodbank. The Benarty Foodbank continues to support low-income households in the Central Fife area helping to alleviate food poverty in the region.

The New Year’s dook was attended by more than 300 individuals from across the region to help support and celebrate the work of teh Benarty Fundraisers who plan events in the Benarty area to raise money for various local causes in the community, previously supporting a range of initiatives for older members within the community, youth projects, and other community based projects.

Congratulations to all those that took part, and to those that showed up to lend their support. To learn more about the work of the Benarty Fundraisers, you can find them on Facebook:

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