Community representative group, the Lochore Meadows Panel, have announced a peaceful protest at Fife House on the day that the Executive Committee meets to discuss the future of the Meedies. Fife Council officers have recommended that the existing building gets demolished in favour of the new build despite the majority view opposing the controversial plans.

Announcement from the Lochore Meadows Panel

The Panel was set up at an emergency public meeting to conduct consultation about the proposed new visitor centre at the Meedies. Councillor Hood promised that if the community subsequently voted against, the project would be halted. At a second public meeting the community voted against but councillors broke their promise and Fife Council now wants to push on with demolition and a fifth-rate visitor centre regardless.

People have asked us on social media and privately for a protest so that the councillors who get to decide on Tuesday have the opportunity to hear the views of local communities.


The Lochore Meadows Panel will make a peaceful protest before Fife Council’s Executive Committee meets to decide the future of its stalled project for a new visitor centre at the Meedies, and the future of the park now that the Fife Coast & Countryside Trust are pulling out.

We want to tell the councillors that the Meedies deserves a better visitor centre than a proposal which has been rushed through with no community consultation and no input from external funders. The result is a glorified portacabin almost half the size of the current centre which cannot meet the needs of the 500,000+ people who visit the Meedies every year.

We believe the £1.3 million Fife Council put aside for a new centre could achieve something much better, and that the project could attract considerable external funding if managed properly.

Fife Council officers are recommending the current project go ahead and some local politicians are saying they can ignore community opinion because it’s just a few unrepresentative people.

If you disagree, if you think the Meedies deserves better, please join us outside Fife House, Glenrothes on Tuesday 24 January. The Executive Meeting starts at 9.30 am and we will be there from 8.30.

For queries, or possible help with transport, please pm us on the Facebook Event page or call Lorna on / Brian on 01592 869566 or 07818 531 510

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