Young Citizen of the Year for the Lochgelly area has been awarded to Daniel Pratt to recognise his contribution and achievements for the Lochgelly area.

Daniel Pratt
Daniel Pratt

Daniel, aged 15, accepted the award on Wednesday 14th December with his family, in recognition of his achievements, commitments and support he has provided the local community.

Mother, Tracy Pratt says:

“I’m very proud to say my son Daniel has been nominated and selected to be Young Citizen of the Year for his voluntary work in the local community. To have my daughter Sarah be Junior Citizen of the Year for 2015 and now Daniel for 2017 as parents we are so extremely proud of them and all their achievements.”

Daniel has been volunteering with several community groups in the local area for the past few years, which includes volunteering with Lochgelly Community Development Forum, Loch of Shining Waters, Lochgelly Community Christmas Lights, Lochgelly Gala and Lochgelly Going Forward.

Daniel played an important role with local voluntary group Lochgelly Going Forward, which was tasked with an extensive community engagement process to help identify what residents feel are the local priorities for action.

This worked helped form the Community Action Plan which sets out the list of priorities over the next five years, and actions which can be undertaken to help improve the local area.

Various groups and individuals throughout Lochgelly can use the booklet to help unlock funding for projects that will tackle some of the identified local priorities. The document should also be a key document to shape local policy in Fife Council.

His work with the Christmas Lights and Gala groups provided support to other volunteers, set-up and organize equipment, and support in the organization and running of both events.

Working with the Lochgelly Community Development Forum, Daniel supported the local community shop volunteering his time to help run the charity shop.

Work with Loch of Shining Waters included the filming and production of a video for the Christmas Lights in 2015.

Outwith his community work within Lochgelly, Daniel has been working hard to achieve his Duke of Edinburgh Award (Bronze level) committing his time to do even more voluntary work, taking on new physical challenges, and learning and developing new skills.

Citizen of the Year was awarded to Karen Yeoman in recognition for her work with Spirit of Lochgelly, a locally based group that provided events for youths and holds fund-raising events for elderly groups in the Lochgelly area.

karen Yeoman
karen Yeoman

Accepting the award, Karen says:

“Thank you to everyone that took the time to vote. It’s an honour”

Karen has worked in Lochgelly, forming the group ‘Spirit of Lochgelly’ which has managed a series of events for children, families and adults within Lochgelly to help raise funds for a variety of local causes.

Congratulations to both the Lochgelly Citizen and Young Citizen of the Year!

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