Lochgelly Community Council has told operators at the Mossmorran Petrochemical facilities that there are “no issues” with the plant. This effectively leaves residents who do have issues without community representation.

Minutes from the Mossmorran & Braefoot Bay Community & Safety Committee have recently been published which show that Lochgelly Community Council has failed to raise the concerns of worried residents to plant operators ExxonMobil and Shell during 2016.

Formed as part of the permit conditions for operations, the Safety Committee is a group whose purpose is to enable ExxonMobil, Shell, Fife Council (officers and councillors) and SEPA to liaise with local communities. Communities are represented by members of community councils for areas surrounding the Mossmorran and Braefoot Bay facilities.

The meetings are held quarterly behind closed doors and minutes do not appear to be made publicly available online, despite earlier recommendations and agreement from the Safety Committee in 2013, which stated:

“in future, following meetings of the Committee, Community Councils should make available on their websites minutes of meetings, together with reports from ExxonMobil, Shell U.K. and SEPA”

Loch of Shining Waters has obtained minutes from 2016 that have been published through the public archive for Lochgelly Community Council, which show that the LCC has “no issues” with plant operations and failed to raise one single local concern over the operations of the plant in 2016.

Lochgelly Community Council has withheld these documents from publication on their official websites.

James Man with Alex Rowley
James Man with Alex Rowley
Representative for the Lochgelly area, community councillor James Mann told the Safety Committee at the September meeting that there was “no issues” in Lochgelly.

At an earlier meeting held in June, the only issue to be raised by community councils was the unrelated matter of litter surrounding the plant on the North Orrock Quarry Road, with Lochgelly representative Mr Mann telling the Committee there were wider issues regarding litter within parks and open spaces in general.

At the recent AGM held by Lochgelly Community Council, Secretary Stevie Murray and Chair Brian Schulz were both keen to emphasize that the community council has been actively engaging representatives from Mossmorran in raising the concerns of residents over air quality issues and related matters. No evidence was provided to back up these claims.

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