The Lochgelly Community Council public archive has been upgraded and expanded with a range of documents obtained through Freedom of Information requests and the site is now being served over https through SSL encryption. The SSL certificate is provided from Let’s Encrypt which provides a free SSL certification service to help increase and improve privacy and security online. The site is now being hosted by WebHostFace.

Lochgelly Community Council have also launched their own website at whilst maintaining a presence on Facebook and FifeDirect. For residents that do not access Facebook we have implemented a tool on the LCC public archive that automatically scrapes and displays Facebook content allowing more residents to access this content.

With 3 sites displaying content for the Lochgelly Community Council we’ve made a comparison of each site using a variety of 3rd party tools including PowerMapper, Nibbler Skilltide, PageScoring, Web of Trust, and a few other tools.

Section LCC Archive LCC on Fife Direct LCC Website
Transparency: Document(s) availability Open Access: 102 documents available. Documents sourced from LCC, Fife Council and other 3rd parties. Documents also obtained through Freedom of Information responses Restricted Access: 31 documents available, only latest 10 viewable at any one time. To view more documents user must know the exact title of the document. Limited Access: 30 documents available.
Transparency: Access to document(s) Open Access: Content released under Creative Commons to allow free and open sharing of documents Restricted Access: Only latest 10 documents freely accessible. Additional documents are restricted unless exact title of document is known. Restricted Access: Users are warned that if they wish to use/refer/distribute content then they require permission first
Transparency: List of Community Councillors Yes No No
Transparency: Comments online Yes No No
Content: 28 pages and 69 posts 7 pages 13 pages
Privacy Policy Yes Yes No
Privacy Protection SSL Encryption SSL Encryption None
Accessibility: Mobile phone Optimised for mobile devices Optimised for mobile devices No optimisation
Accessibility: Tablet Optimised for tablets Optimised for tablets No optimisation
Accessibility: Tools for visually impaired users Online text to speech None Online text to speech, online text highlighter
Accessibility: Server behaviour Site redirects (301) with or without www (Site is available either at or Site redirects (301) with or without www (Site is available either at or No site redirect (301) available. Site is only available on www
Accessibility: Nibbler Report (How accessible the website is to mobile and disabled users). Tests on Fife Direct are for entire site rather than the LCC sub-pages 7.2 out of 10 7.5 out of 10 5.5 out of 10
Experience: Nibbler Report (How satisfying the website is likely to be for users). Tests on Fife Direct are for entire site rather than the LCC sub-pages 7.0 out of 10 8.0 out of 10 4.6 out of 10

In terms of access to data and the free access to a large document depository, the public archive created by Shining Waters is by far the best for accessing current and historical data on the Lochgelly Community Council.

Both the FireDirect pages and the LCCs’ own website have a long way to go to ensure residents have free access to information about Lochgelly Community Council operations, although it is a good start.

From a technical standpoint the FifeDirect pages are the best coded with a lot of paid support to help the community council if any issues arise with their pages. Although content is limited and there is certain restrictions accessing older documents, these are issues that can all be resolved by the website staff and help provide the LCC with a well coded and high functioning site to better disseminate information and data.

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