A Freedom of Information release received from OSCR (Office for the Scottish Charity Regulator) into the expenditure of the 4 Winds Trust has recently been published which gives an insight into how the 4 Winds Trust has been distributing the ‘community benefit’ received from the Little Raith Wind Farm, which is intended to be distributed in the areas of Auchtertool, Cowdenbeath, Lochgelly, and Lumphinnans.

Breakdown of expenditure per year

No compliant financial accounts are currently available for the 4 Winds Trust which is overseen by the Community Councils in the beneficiary areas. Below we have re-published the expenditures listed by the 4 Winds Trust to OSCR and have provided an overview at the end of the total amounts recieved in each geographical area between 2013-2015.

Expenditure – 2013

Group Award Amount (£)
REDACTED (Start-up costs) 862.97
4 Winds Trust (Web Design Costs – Blah D Blah Designs) 1,824
Lochgelly Women’s Social Group 660
Lochgelly Community Xmas Lights 1,000
Cowdenbeath Community Theatre 1,000
Cowdenbeath North Church 1,000
Auchtertool Youth Club 1,000
Fife Area Pensioners Association (Auchtertool) 942.17
Auchtertool Play Group 718.63

Amounts Awarded per geographical area (2013)

The breakdown of costs by geographical area does not include the £2,686.97 start-up and web design costs incurred by the 4 Winds Trust

Area Total Amount Awarded (£)
Auchtertool 2,660.80
Cowdenbeath 2,000
Lochgelly 1,660
Lumphinnans 0

Expenditure – 2014

Group Award Amount (£)
Lochgelly Old Folks Reunion 1,000
Lochgelly Women’s Groups (craft) 1,000
46th Fife Scouts 995.28
Zodiac Dance Company 1,000
Station Road Indoor Bowling Club 1,000
Cowdenbeath Golf Club 1,000
Scottish Charity Air Ambulance 1,000
Lochgelly & District Amateur Musical Association 1,000
Cowdenbeath Civic Week 2,500
The Group (Lochgelly) 1,500
New Farm Vales Residents Association 1,000
Lochgelly Albert Junior Football Club 1,000
LKB United 500
Auchtertool Village Hall 2,000
Lumphinnans United Football Club 1,000
Lodge Minto 385 1,000
Lochgelly Armistice Day 2,000
Lochgelly Community Xmas Lights 1,000
LKB United 400
46th Fife Scouts 1,700
Auchtertool Mothers & Toddlers 740.88
Love 2 Dance 1,000
Loch of Shining Waters 1,000
4 Winds Trust – Cowdenbeath North Church (Room Hire) 32
Cowdenbeath North Church 500
Lumphinnans Residents Association 1,000
Sunnyside Court Tenants & Residents Association 1,000
Clock Street Pastors 1,000
Lochgelly Old Folks Reunion 1,000
Cowdenbeath Environmental Group 1,100
Auchtertool Youth Club 1,000

Amounts Awarded per geographical area (2014)

The breakdown of costs by geographical area does not include the £32 running costs incurred by the 4 Winds Trust

Area Total Amount Awarded (£)
Auchtertool 3,740.88
Cowdenbeath 9,795.25
Lochgelly 15,000
Lumphinnans 3,000
Perth 1,000

Expenditure – 2015

Group Award Amount (£)
Lochgelly High School 400
Broad Street Bowling Club 1,000
Central Fife Crime Prevention Panel 1,000
Auchtertool Indoor Bowling Club 460
Auchtertool Community Council 1,000
Fife Area Pensioners Association (Auchtertool) 1,000
Cowdenbeath Community Council 1,000
Glenfield Neighbourhood Watch 1,000
Cowdenbeath Majorettes 1,000
Cowdenbeath Golf Club 1,000
Lochgelly Spiritualist Church 1,000
Lumphinnans Bowling Club 1,000
Lodge Minto 385 1,000
Recycle Fife 9,320
Lochgelly Bowling Club 1,500
Lochgelly Community Development Forum 2,000
Lumphinnans Social Group 1,500
Cowdenbeath Horticultural Society 1,000
Lochgelly Golf Club 1,500
Cowdenbeath Bowling Club 1,500
Station Road Indoor Bowling Club 1,000
Lochgelly Community Development Forum 925
Lochgelly Albert JFC 1,500
LKB United 840
Home Start Lochgelly 715
Cowdenbeath Civic Week 2,500
Lochgelly Old Folks Reunion 1,000

Amounts Awarded per geographical area (2015)

We have excluded £1,000 from the geographical area that was awarded to the Central Fife Crime Prevention Panel as we could not determine the location of the organisation.

Area Total Amount Awarded (£)
Auchtertool 2,460
Cowdenbeath 10,000
Lochgelly 22,700
Lumphinnans 2,500

Total Awarded per geographical area for 2013 – 2015

Please note we have excluded a total of £3,718.97 from the figures below based on running costs and where the area of an organisation could not be determined

Area Total Amount Awarded (£)
Lochgelly 39,360
Cowdenbeath 27,795.25
Auchtertool 8,861.68
Lumphinnans 5,500
Perth 1,000
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  1. Anonymous

    July 24, 2016 at 9:57 pm

    Why are the masons getting money and why is money going to Perth?


    • Lochgellian

      July 25, 2016 at 11:04 am

      Half the Lochgelly community council is masons that’s why they are getting money.


  2. Linda Holt

    July 25, 2016 at 7:58 am

    Good on LOSW for publishing this – you lot would make great investigative journalists.
    Unfortunately though this information raises more questions than it answers.
    1. Why has the 4 Winds Trust kept information about how much money they give to whom secret? Why can’t the community know about the ‘benefit’ which is supposed to be theirs?
    2. Why has Lochgelly received the lion’s share of funding? Could it have something to do with the fact that Stevie Murray, the Secretary of Lochgelly Community Council chairs the 4 Winds Trust?
    3. Which brings me to the question of conflict of interest. How can community councils which sit on the 4 Winds Trust receive grants? Isn’t there a clear conflict of interest?
    4. Indeed, some of the groups above are closely associated with community councils or individual community council members. How did the 4 Winds trustees who allocate grants guard against a conflict of interest?
    5. Then there are individual questions about the grant allocations. Are all the groups listed bona fide local charities or community organisations as opposed to private companies or organisations located outwith the area?
    6. Is Fife Council benefitting from any of these grants in the sense that community benefit is being diverted to fund projects or services which would otherwise expect to receive funding from Fife Council?
    7. Why did Recycle Fife get nearly ten times the standard grant, and four times as much as the next highest grant?
    8. Why is £1000 the standard grant? Is that what each group applied for? It seems strange that so few groups asked for smaller amounts.
    9. Finally what have all these grants been spent on? Where is the follow-up to make sure these groups didn’t just pocket the dosh or splash out on a good night out?
    No wonder the charities regulator OSCAR has been investigating goings-on at the 4 Winds Trust.


  3. Loch of Shining Waters

    July 25, 2016 at 10:17 am

    Loch of Shining Waters applied for funding from the 4 Winds Trust in August 2014 for a total amount of £2003:

    Highlight Little Raith Extension and the rights of individuals in relation to material planning considerations through marketing materials to be delivered door-to-door in the Lochgelly area – £300

    Video equipment (2x high-def cameras) for the continuation of filming local events on behalf of other local voluntary groups in the Lochgelly area, as well as continuing to highlight local positives and negatives, and continuing to capture footage of Lochgelly as it undergoes transformation which is automatically archived with the British Library as part of the UK Web Archive – £2000

    Our application was partially successful with an award amount of £1000 which was spent on video & media equipment which allowed us to film and publish content such as the FYJO short documentary – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bf7oT2Y84TA and the Lochgelly Gala – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pCiLfOajq6M


  4. Clarity Please

    July 27, 2016 at 3:53 pm

    Recycle Fife got quite a lot. Anyone know what for? At least some money has been put out. It’d be good to know how it’s being used. Not sure why Fife Council and Police are getting the money. Are they even eligible? Perth getting money?!? What’s happening with the rest of the money? Rough calculations show that 2013 £10k spent out of £49K. 2014 30k out of 49k. 2015 £35k out of £49k. Around £72k surplus?


  5. Marie Duffy

    July 28, 2016 at 9:23 pm

    Who are ‘The Group”, and what do they do? Never heard of them. Has someone just made them up?!


  6. willie ross

    July 29, 2016 at 5:00 pm

    It would be very interesting to see how much the land owner and the developer received from all our subsidies we are forced to pay. Anyone who thinks these ‘benefits’ are good, should remember that we are paying for them ourselves, through our electricity bills.


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