We made a tongue-in-cheek post earlier on Twitter after a user had spotted an error on the public Facebook profile of local councillor Mark Hood:


Councillor Hood ignored the joke, instead taking exception to the tweet for containing a picture of his family and demanding we delete it. We pointed out that the picture was publicly available on his Facebook profile but that his family weren’t actually pictured in our tweet. We had deliberately taken steps to protect the privacy of third parties by blocking out their faces.

Nevertheless Councillor Hood ignored our explanations and continued to demand we delete the tweet, adding that he found the tweeting of a blocked-out picture offensive. A 13-tweet long exchange followed which ended with Councillor Hood tweeting:

@lgelly won’t take it down, they think they have the right to behave like this – I see no decency In the way they behave

Then he took to Facebook, posting the following on his Councillor Mark Hood Facebook page, attacking the volunteers at Loch of Shining Waters:

Facebook Screenshot

Ordinarily we would not blog about a tongue-in-cheek tweet, let alone a daft twitter spat, but Councillor Hood is an elected public representative who has used his position to promulgate a highly distorted version of events and to attack multiple volunteers in an established and valued local community group.

As Councillor Hood well knows, using Twitter and Facebook in the way he has encourages others to join in, which creates a campaign of misinformed and unjustified abuse against individuals who are barred from defending themselves (Councillor Hood has been known to have blocked and deleted users from his Twitter and Facebook accounts). When teenagers do this, it’s called cyber-bullying. These comments have appeared so far beneath his Facebook post:

Facebook Screenshot

For the record:

  1. Loch of Shining Waters did not post any pictures that identified Councillor Hood’s family members.
  2. Loch of Shining Waters did not make any personal attacks on Councillor Hood, merely posting a tongue and cheek tweet to which Mr Hood over-reacted.
  3. Loch of Shining Waters did not ‘snoop’ on our local councillor’s Facebook page which is publicly available and is used for political campaigning.

This is not the first time that our volunteers have been treated in a hostile manner on Twitter and Facebook by Councillor Hood and his former election agent Stevie Murray. The latest attacks and misrepresentations are nothing more than an ill-thought out attempt to try to discredit a community group in the most vexatious manner possible. We will not allow our volunteers to be bullied or intimidated by elected representatives.

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  1. Anonymous

    April 6, 2016 at 7:44 pm

    Cllr Hood needs to take some of his own advice re making things personal What a hypocrite, the words kettle pot and black jump immediately to mind!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Jojo

    April 6, 2016 at 7:55 pm

    Yesterday I responded to Cllr Hood’s post on Facebook with the following comment:
    “Can you please explain what the personal attack is so people know what you are talking about – especially as it appears to have provoked from you what is undoubtedly a nasty personal attack on a group of community-minded volunteers who have won awards for their work and are highly regarded in the Lochgelly area? I’m not sure that your sentence about the Loch of Shinbing Waters people couldn’t be interpreted as libel especially as you offer no evidence, and i’m really surprised a local politician is using facebook to slag people off and by posting, inviting others to join in on zero evidence. From what I have seen on the Loch of Shining Waters site, the people who run the group/site are extremely careful about not offending people and are hyper-sensitive about privacy and data protection issues – which is the opposite of thinking “they can behave as they please”. Your personal Facebook page is visible to the public (or a lot of it is) so any pictures which are visible to the public are automatically in the public domain.If you don’t want these pictures used, you should make your privacy settings stricter. I wouldn’t dream of posting pictures of my family on fb for all and sundry to see and use, I know there are many people like me and equally many people who don’t care – but if you chuck pics into the public domain, you can hardly complain if they are used. I think politicians in particular have to be very careful about blurring the lines between their personal and political lives – eg. in using pics and stories about family in what people might see as their political work.”
    Cllr. Hood’s sole response to my comment was to delete my post and block me from commenting on his public councillor’s facebook page. He then added the following Update to his previous post:
    “Now representatives of Lochgelly Loch of shining water are using bogus FB accounts to post messages defending their action really sad, just wish they debate the policies instead of the personal attacks.”
    Since I have been banned from communicating with Cllr Hood, I would like to take this opportunity to assure him that I am not a representative of Loch of Shining Waters, and my account on fb is not “bogus” (whatever that means) and I have explained why it contains no pictures or personal/family information.
    I am now very disturbed that Cllr. Hood’s instinctive response to a joke, comment or question he doesn’t like, is to attack his interlocutor and try to shut them up.
    And it makes me wonder how many other people he has deleted or blocked from his facebook and twitter accounts, and if he rounds with personal abuse on anyone he meets in person who dares to question what he is doing.
    What a way to treat people whom you represent and whose vote you want!


  3. Jojo

    April 7, 2016 at 12:32 am

    Looking at the fb page for Lochgelly – Loch of Shining Waters, I see under visitor posts that three more people are complaining about having been blocked and deleted by Councilllor Hood for asking questions or making comments he didn’t like. This is how third world dictators habitually behave, not local councillors. I really wonder how many people Cllr Hood has silenced during his time as a Councillor – wonder if he would tell us?


  4. The Spectator

    April 17, 2016 at 11:17 pm

    What a bunch of vile individuals. Roll on 2017!!!!!


  5. Lochgellian observer

    April 20, 2016 at 1:47 pm

    Any sign of an apology from Cllr Hood? He seems to have gone to ground – not even in the Times today. Odd that the Times, a paper happy to report a chicken crossing the road as a news story, has completely ignored this story about Hood.


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