A disability campaigner and Conservative party member has quit the party and sabotaged the Conservatives dedicated disability website in an act of protest over the recent budget announcement that more cuts will be placed on the shoulders of disabled citizens.

Conservative Disability Group
Conservative Disability Group

The website was de-activated by Graeme Ellis who states on the home page.

This website is temporarily closed owing to Disability Cuts.

Needed to correct a misquote no other member of the group was involved in my action or was aware of it until after it happened

The domain name will be transfered when the group secure new hosting.

The owner of the hosting package Graeme Ellis has resigned over disability cuts from the group and will no longer develop or host this site

The 58 year old disability campaigner who runs a benefits advice service, spoke to the Mirror saying:

I’ve had distraught clients on the phone today. I’ve had people in tears worrying about the future.”

How can I morally represent clients when I remain in an organisation that’s doing these cuts?

I’m a disabled person and I’m involved in politics. I decided being a disabled person comes first

Graeme took action to disable the website after Osborne announced a tax relief for citizens earning over £43,000 whilst making cuts for Personal Independence Payments that will impact directly on disabled citizens.

If you wish to support the rights of disabled people, please visit: Disables People Against Cuts – http://dpac.uk.net

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