Lochgelly Going Forward - Face Painting
Lochgelly Going Forward – Face Painting
Residents of Lochgelly turned out to have their say on shaping the town’s future when the Lochgelly Going Forward steering group revealed the outcomes of their community survey at an Open Day in the Town Hall.

Those who came along had the chance to vote for priorities that they think should be included in the community action plan that will aim to make improvements in Lochgelly.

They also voted on which local groups should share in the Fife Council participatory budget of £28,000 to help get priority projects off the ground. Groups were in attendance in the hall to advise the voting public on their projects.

On display in the hall were the competition entries from local primary schools who were asked to use the medium of art to show how Lochgelly should look in ten years’ time. Winning entries were Aimee Elliot and Cerys Fleetham from Lochgelly West; Harley King and Marissa Dickson from Lochgelly South; Charlize Cherrett and Toni Sutherland from St Patrick’s RC Primary School; prizes were presented to those who were there on the day by the Provost.

The Steering Group was delighted at the turnout, which far exceeded their estimates, considering the atrocious weather that day.

One Steering Group member said “It was fantastic to see the amount of people who took the time to come along and cast their vote. It was a great opportunity for the locals to come together and discuss the way forward. It was a great day and I feel that the community really came together as one.”

Lochgelly Going Forward - Public Event
Lochgelly Going Forward – Public Event
The results of the priority setting came as no great surprise; improved GP service came out top closely followed by a Community Centre that is accessible to all with particular emphasis on dedicated youth facilities.

The steering group will now use the survey findings and the feedback from the Open Day to draw up a community action plan for the area as well as distribute the funding among the local groups who were successful in their bids.

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