A resident has sent us some images (published below) for the Smith family who resided in Cowdenbeath and Lochgelly. If you have any images and local history you would like to share, please contact us.

1. The group photo is the Smith family from Cowdenbeath, assuming photo take in the late 1800’s as it was taken pre World War I, and the youngest person in the photo took part in WWI as did the rest of the boys.

Smith Family - Late 1800's - Group Photo

2. This is Robert Smith standing outside the first house at the side of the fire station in Lochgelly. Robert was the youngest boy in the family group photo.

Robert Smith - Lochgelly

3. This is Robert (seated) & David Smith, David is also in the group photo, both served during WW1 and I think their battalion was the Black Watch, though I’m not sure.

Robert & David Smith - Army Uniforms

4. David Smith, he was a sergeant, possibly in the Black Watch.

David Smith

5. The group of soldiers, is again David Smith, he served for a long time. This photo was sent home to his parents, they were sent as postcard photos, this one had a message on the back, it tells his mother and father they are about to be employed to battle and are on immediate stand-by.

David Smith with squad mates

David Smith - Postcard

6. The next photo is another one of the brothers, James Smith (Jimmy), he was the oldest brother. He is standing in front of a window showing photographs of other soldiers, I don’t know if they were photos of his comrades or whether they had fallen in battle. All three brothers survived the war. Jimmy emigrated to Canada, and I think perhaps David eventually followed, he was definitely there at some point.

James Smith

7. This is Jimmy again, on the left of the photo with the pocket watch chain. This was another photo postcard sent home to the family. He mentions that the soldier sitting in the front has just returned home from the Front line, and had been shot several times!

James Smith with 2 soldiers

We would like to thank the resident for sharing these images and information. If you have any images and local history you would like to share, please contact us.

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