The following resignation letter is from the former Secretary of Lochgelly Community Council, who recently stepped down from the LCC verbally.

It is with a heavy heart that I submit my resignation as the Secretary and Community Councillor of Lochgelly Community Council.

Whilst the past 10 months have certainly been eventful, events over recent months and certain particular issues have arisen within the Community Council that I do not wish associated with.

Whilst as the Administrator of the Community Councils you will no doubt have seen and heard many stories and reasons for persons retiring and raising complaints, I was hopeful that Lochgelly Community Council could have been a Community Council that led and were regarded as a model Engagement vehicle, but alas that may be many years off yet.

In the past few months I am proud to have built what I regard to be a first class website for the Community Council at I hope whoever comes in and takes my place will continue with this communication tool, despite paying for the website myself, I gift it to Lochgelly Community Council.

Over the summer despite a shutdown of the Community Council, much work was done in the town by sadly only a few Community Councilors, again this is an area that Lochgelly Community Council need to develop if it is to take the residents with them, sadly engagement is a role that many of them shy away from, and believe all decisions should be taken in house.

In my opinion there are persons on the Community Council with motives other than the involvement of people of the town and are using this public vehicle for their own means.

Despite what I have written above, I am sad to leave the Community Council as I think with right minded people it has the potential to change the Town for the better. My last day as a Community Councillor was 09/09/2015 but as I said at the last Community Council meeting on the same day, I will assist in any way I can to assist my successor and make the transition as smooth as possible.

Finally I’d like to thank you Bill for the times when you have provided guidance, I know I would have been scrambling in the dark more than once without your help

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One Comment

  1. sammy

    October 1, 2015 at 8:39 am

    comunity council will go backwards fir sure


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