Members from the Lochgelly Spiritualist Church have spoken out about the unacceptable levels of trash on private land next to their hall, local shops and residential area.


The group highlighted that this has been an ongoing problem for about 20 years, with the group regularly undertaking clearing the mess up on a voluntary basis.

However, the group is now seeking for the issue to be resolved by local councillors due to the unacceptable levels of dangerous waste, which includes human waste, needles, fly tipping, broken glass and other items just dumped on the ground.


A spokesperson for the group stated;

We’ve cleaned up the area, time and time again, but it is no longer safe or hygienic to do so, due to the amount of human and food waste being dumped.

The site has been problematic for many years, with police and community wardens having to attend the site on many occasions to tackle some of the anti-social behaviour from a minority of drug users and youths.

We don’t mind the youths as many of them are respectable and just want some place to go. We accept that it is just a minority ruining it for the rest, and in this case it is not just the youths, but adults as well.


Environmental Health from Fife Council have been investigating the issue and Local Councillors Mark Hood and Linda Erskine have also been contacted, but no resolution has currently been found.

The group is concerned that the area is turning into a health hazard and unsafe for residents and members.

The issue has now been raised with the Lochgelly Community Council and Councillor Ian Chisholm.

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