Representatives from the Lochgelly Community Council, Fife Council Tree Preservation Orders, Forestry Commission and Councillor Mark Hood met with land owner Mr McPherson to discuss the removal of the trees at Lochgelly Golf Course. The meeting included a site visit to the area.

It was deemed that there had been two breaches, a breach of the existing TPO (Tree Preservation Order), and the Forestry Commission believes that the removal is also a breach under illegal felling of a forest, due to the quantity of trees removed.

At the meeting it was agreed that the landowner has to reinstate the trees under supervision from the TPO department, with the re-planting expected to be undertaken within 3 weeks.

Mr Mcpherson has first to submit a plan for the re-planting which needs to be agreed by the TPO department. Trees are to be a mixture and planted at a ratio of two trees for every one removed and includes the planting of hedgerows.

Once the planting proposal has been accepted, the planting will be supervised by Fife Councils TPO department, and is expected to be undertaken at the end of May, beginning of June.

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