We will be doing a series of articles looking at various web sites that are not the usual run of the mill. We will be promoting sites that are somewhat unique, creative, or provide a useful tool for their visitors. Some of the sites highlighted may only be useful to a niche audience, such as web development tools, other sites may only have a passing interest, but we hope we can start to bring together a variety of sites that have some quality that will be of interest to others.

Listen to Twitter

Listen To Twitter
Listen to Twitter allows you to search for keywords and hashtags being used on Twitter and have the tweets analysed for their sentiment. A score is then assigned to each tweet which is then translated into a musical note and automatically played back to create interesting music. The site will only analyse newly published tweets.

Visit Site: http://listentotwitter.com

Built With

Built With

Built With is a handy tool for discovering the technologies behind websites, from server technologies to software and plugins being used, as well as the ability to view how the technology is being employed across the internet.

Visit Site: http://builtwith.com/

Multi Player Piano

Multi Player Piano
Multi Player Piano is an interactive piano that allows you to collaborate with other users by playing the piano at the same time. Users can play together in a public room or private rooms. Some good music can be created but it can also degenerate to random noise. Overall it can be quite addictive for those interested in creating music.

Visit Site: http://www.multiplayerpiano.com/

Documentary Addict

Documentary Addict boasts that it has 4,973 documentaries available to watch online for free. The database covers a range of topics with varying lengths and quality of documentaries. The site is regularly updated and expanded with new content, that there is a good chance that a topic of interest will be available for most users.

Visit Site: http://documentaryaddict.com/

How Many Left?

How Many Left?
How Many Left is a website that allows you to search a database of registered vehicles in the UK with data being compiled from the Department of Transport. The site allows you to search by make and/or model of vehicle.

Visit Site: https://www.howmanyleft.co.uk/


GeoMood lets you view the sentiments from tweets co-ordinated on a global map. Sentiment analysis can be set specifically to UK, US, Canada, Australia, or to all countries in general.

Visit Site: https://geomood.sebastiangraef.com/


Windyty is a live wind forecast site tha allows you to view current wind patterns from across the globe. The map data also provides information for temperature, pressure, clouds, rain and humidity.

Visit Site: https://www.windyty.com/?56.231,-2.823,7

The Internet in Real Time

The Internet In Real Time
The Internet in Real Time allows you to see how much data is posted online since the moment you loaded up the website. This includes how many tweets, facebook posts and likes, and most interestingly, how much money Amazon and other online retailers have made.

Visit Site: http://www.webpagefx.com/internet-real-time/

Magic Transistor

Magic Transistor

Magic Transistor lets you listen to music for free, focussing on classics and rarities with a lot of soul music from the 60s and 70s.

Visit Site: http://magictransistor.com/radio


URL shortening have been a way to share lengthy and complicated URLs in a smaller and more memorable way. The downside of URL shortened links is that they hide the final destination which has seen a rise of spammers and malicious users abuse URL shortening in the hope to lead you to malicious sites. With Unshort.me you can enter any shortened URL and it will display the final destination, allowing you to see if the link is taking you to a malicious site or not.

Visit Site: http://unshort.me/

Do you know a creative, or unique, or unusual site, or sites that provide useful tools? Please feel free to share your sites below (please note that spam links will be removed).

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