We have just completed a community film for Fife Youth Jazz Orchestra who rehearse at the Lochgelly Centre, who are currently seeking new members to join their dynamic group.

Fife Youth Jazz Orchestra - Community Film

The film captures the band rehearsing which is split into two groups, a senior and junior group, and contains key interviews with the members, tutors and parents.

Fife Youth Jazz Orchestra - Funders Version

A shortened version has been compiled for FYJO to give them a short film to promote their work to funders in any future funding application bid.

Fife Youth Jazz Orchestra perform 'Shifting Sands'

A short clip was also produced highlighting the performance of the Senior group perform the track ‘Shifting Sands’

FYJO has had a very long career, spanning over 30 years, working with talented musicians from all across Fife, and are currently seeking new members to join the band. The ethos of the band is to encourage musicians to have fun and not be scared to make mistakes, rather than a prescribed note-for-note players. FYJO believe that mistakes help to grow the confidence and ability of players, and help discover their creative passion.

For any budding musicians in the Central Fife or wider Fife area that would like to get involved with FYJO, you can attend the group every Thursday at the Lochgelly Centre, starting from 7pm until 9pm.

For those interested in learning more about FYJO, you can view a BBC 2 documentary from 1996 that was filmed at Kirkcaldy and Lochgelly; ‘Jazz In A Cold Climate‘.

Community Films project

If there is any groups in the Central Fife area (specifically Lochgelly, Cowdenbeath, Auchtertool and Lumphinnans), that would like a short community film produced, promoting the work of your group, please contact us. Our work is entirely voluntary and we will produce a minimum of 2 films promoting the work of your group, with 1 film shortened for the specific aim of promoting your work to funders.

If you are a community group outwith the Lochgelly and Cowdenbeath area, we are still keen to provide voluntary support in helping you to promote your group using video media, and we would still consider your project for inclusion into our Community Film project.

Please contact us for further details.

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